Prof. (Dr.) Nehginpao Kipgen

Associate Professor, Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Office Hours: Fall 2020 Semester
Wednesday: 14:00–15:00 hrs

Prof. (Dr.) Nehginpao Kipgen is an Associate Professor, Assistant Dean (International Collaboration), and Executive Director of Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Jindal School of International Affairs. He is a Political Scientist whose concentration are in Comparative Politics and International Relations. His general teaching and research interests include Democratization, Global/World Politics, Ethnic Conflict and Identity Politics, Human Rights, Refugees, Maritime Disputes, International Organizations, and Government and Politics of Southeast Asia.

His academic research focuses on Asia, with specialization in Southeast Asia and Burma/Myanmar. He has presented papers and served as chair and discussant in several international academic conferences, including International Political Science Association (IPSA) and International Studies Association (ISA). Since 2013, Dr. Kipgen has served as a “country expert for Burma/Myanmar” for Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), a collaborative academic research project of the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg (Sweden), and the Kellogg Institute, University of Notre Dame (USA). Dr. Kipgen was awarded scholarships by Open Society Institute, New York; Prospect Burma, London; and the U.S. State Department for his Masters and Doctoral programs. He is also a recipient of International Writing Award from Earth Community Organization, Canada.

Dr. Kipgen has published four single-authored books in Routledge (Taylor & Francis), Oxford University Press, and Ruby Press; 22 peer-reviewed academic articles in Social Research, International Studies, World Affairs, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Ethnopolitics, Strategic Analysis, South Asia Research, Indian Journal of Political Science, Economic and Political Weekly, Asian Profile, Asian Affairs, International Journal on World Peace, and India Review. He has also published over 200 articles in various leading international newspapers and magazines in five continents – Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America.

These include, among others: Washington Post, Washington Times, Foreign Policy Journal, Fair Observer, Huffington Post, The World Post, International Peace Institute/Global Observatory, Nikkei Asian Review, The Diplomat, The Japan Times, The Straits Times, TODAY, Channel NewsAsia, The Star, New Straits Times, The Guardian, Epoch Times, Jerusalem Post, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, The Statesman, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, New Zealand Herald, National Times, Asia Times, China Post, China Daily, Global Times, Japan Today, Korea Times, South China Morning Post, Ming Pao, The Indian Express, The Pioneer, The Telegraph, The Wire, Journal of Turkish Weekly, Al Jazeera, The National, The Standard, Bangkok Post, Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, Manila Times, Brunei Times, Gulf Times, Gulf Today, Khaleej Times, Arab News, Phnom Penh Post, Global New Light of Myanmar, Myanmar Times, Malaysian Mirror, Bangladesh Today, The Daily Star, The Island, Asia Sentinel, Asia News Network, Asian Tribune, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, and The Irrawaddy.


Dr. Kipgen has appeared on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Radio Free Asia (RFA), Voice of America (VOA), ABC Radio National (Australia), and India-based Lok Sabha TV, DD India, WION television; Beijing-based China Global Television Network (CGTN), ANC television (Philippines), and Sputnik International (Russia).

  • Comparative Politics
  • Democratization
  • Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • Foreign Policies of Southeast Asian Countries
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • International Organization-I (The UN System)
  • International Relations of Southeast Asia
  • South China Sea Disputes
  1. International Political Science Association (Board Member, RC18 – Asian And Pacific Studies)
  2. Midwest Political Science Association
  3. International Studies Association 


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Book Chapters  

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