Important Dates

We have a limited number of seats for each programme. Once the seats are filled, the admissions for that programme will close. Therefore, do not wait until the later application periods to apply because you may not get a seat in your desired programme.

Admissions Offer PeriodFinal Due Date for Application Submission to be Considered in This PeriodFinal Date to take JSAT Examination (if Applicable) to be Considered in this PeriodOffer DateOffer Must be Accepted and Refundable Registration Fee must be Received by this Date or Application is Declared Inactive
131 December 201915 January 202021 January 202028 January 2020
231 January 202015 February 202021 February 202028 February 2020
331 March 202015 April 202021 April 202028 April 2020
41 May 202015 May 202021 May 202028 May 2020
51 June 202015 June 202021 June 202028 June 2020
6*1 July 202010 July 202017 July 202025 July 2020

* Applicants applying in this round will not be considered for means and merit scholarships.