International Collaborations

Launched through a strategic partnership with the United Nations University, JSIA has partnered with universities, think tanks, and research centres around the world.

JSIA offers student exchanges and collaborative degree programs for BA and MA students, as well as opportunities to intern at leading think tanks. 

Under the student exchange program, BA and MA students spend 1-2 semesters at a partner university. Tuition is paid at JGU and board and lodging at the partner university. These programs provide students with a great opportunity to live in a new country, try out new courses, and meet new people. The program is attractive also because of its affordability – students get a taste of an international education while paying tuition at JGU. 

Under the collaborative degree program, students spend 1 year at a partner university, and earn a degree from the partner university as well. At the end of two years, students graduate with two degrees. Tuition and Board and Lodging are to be paid at the partner university, though scholarships opportunities are available as well.

Partner Universities

Other International Partnership

Study Abroad

#Name of the partnerCityCountryContinent
1University of Basel, Institute for European and Global StudiesBaselSwitzerland


2Queen Mary UniversityLondonUK
3University of BirminghamBirminghamUK
4Geneva School of DiplomacyGenevaSwitzerland
5University for PeaceSan JoséCosta RicaNorth America

Dual Degree


Name of the partner





Geneva School of Diplomacy






University of Birmingham




University of Leeds




Queen Mary University



Both JGU and JSIA have Memorandums of Understanding with many partner universities all over the world. This contractual relationship make it possible for the students to spend one semester or a whole academic year abroad to study. These studies have many advantages. Students can enrol and study courses they cannot learn in JSIA. They can widen their horizon and start networking. To study abroad will have benefits in the future: maybe you start learning another language, you learn new skills or you can get orientation in cse you have not decided what you will do in the future.

We are co-ordinators who connect students with the partner universities. We give assistance to students to decide where and what to study. We make the selection and the decision on students’ application. We nominate students and give guidance on the procedure.

  1. Prior to applying for a semester exchange program students must calculate travel, food, living and medical insurance expenses.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet language certifications requirements if any at the host university.
  3. Students are responsible for arranging their own visas and air tickets.

After checking the university website, please select not more than four (4) and put them into order according to your preference. Then prepare your CV, transcripts and motivation letter in which you clearly describe your motivation to study abroad, what courses you would like to take and why, and finally what way you think you can utilise your study abroad later. Please do not write a novel or put irrelevant stories in your motivation letter. We want to get a clear picture about your plan. Please keep to the deadline as late applications will not be considered.

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Assistant Deans

Nehginpao Kipgen

Nehginpao Kipgen

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Lakshmi Arya