Curriculum & Pedagogy

Teaching & Pedagogy

JSGP’s pedagogy is regularly modified to suit the students from diverse backgrounds. Faculty members provide course readings to the students, drawing from their research outcomes to help students have fresh perspectives.

  • In partnership with Fields of View, JSGP faculty members use simulation games as a teaching tool. Fields of View from Bengaluru undertakes research at the intersection of technology, social sciences, and art to design teaching tools. Faculty members have used these simulations, to add an element of experiential learning into both the M.A. and undergraduate programmes.
  • Another innovation is introducing the Capstone project component into Public Policy curriculum. JSGP and JSIA students, with the support from the Asia Foundation , have prepared a draft ‘White Paper’ on “India’s Development Cooperation Policy”.
  • JSGP offers a Qualitative Research seminar course for PhD students. .
  • JSGP faculty conducts pre-dissertation workshop for master’s students to introduce them to research methods and prepare them for research writing