Prof. Rajeev Malhotra

Professor and Executive Director, Centre for Development and Finance, Lead Author & Chief Editor, India Public Policy Report

M.A. (Delhi School of Economics, University fo Delhi);
M.Sc. (London School of Economics, London)

Prof.  Rajeev Malhotra bridges the world of academics and policy making, A development economist and a civil servant with over 28 years of experience, he has worked with the Government of India, where until August 2012 he was Economic Adviser to the then Union Finance Minister. From 2002 to 2008, he worked at UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva and prior to that at the Planning Commission, New Delhi. Over the years, he has been a consultant to several international organisations.


He has expertise in macroeconomic issues in development policy; fiscal policy and budgeting; planning, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessments; poverty estimation and human development; and human rights and development. He has led research on human rights and rights sensitive development indicators at the UN and is recognised as an international expert on that subject. He also worked on conceptual and operational framework for the right to development and human rights-based approaches. He has published widely. His most recent publications include India Public Policy Report 2014 (Oxford University Press, 2014); ‘India @ 100: Giving wings to the lumbering elephant’, Futures: Journal of Policy, Planning and Futures Studies, Elsevier 56 (2014) 8-21; and A Critical Decade-Polices for India’s Development (Oxford University Press, 2012).


His research interests includes macroeconomic issues in development policy related to India and other developing economies. Human rights and development, in particular issues related to identification and operationalization of human development, human rights and good governance indicators for use in policy articulation, monitoring and evaluation of development process.

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Macroeconomic issues in Development, Human Development and Human rights in Development