Cheshtha Grover

Academic Tutor & TRIP Fellow

B.A.; M.A. (University of Delhi)

Cheshta has completed her B.A Hons Economics from Daulat Ram College in 2018 and her Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi in 2020.


Simultaneously in her bachelors, she has led two inter-disciplinary innovation projects: Cluster Innovation Centre- Waste Water Management and Star Innovation- Campus Sustainability Index. With this, she has worked with the faculty-in-charge on two research papers titled: Comparative analysis of sewage water from treatment plants in Delhi for Global Journal of Environment Science and Research, Volume 3 and Analyzing public health expenditure and economic growth in India and China for DU Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation, Volume 4. She has also presented the former paper at the International Conference on “Green Chemistry in Environmental Sustainability and Chemical Education, ICGC-2016” held at Daulat Ram College.


Her major interest in teaching and research lie in Macroeconomic theory, International Trade, Development Economics and Environment Economics, to better understand and implement studies in the area of public policy.


Besides teaching and research, she has interests in writing articles analyzing the economic aspects and issues. She was also involved in various activities at the department of economics such as bringing out the annual economic outlook, participating at Finance and Development Cell and organizing Economic Association annual festival.