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Dr. Avanindra Nath Thakur

Associate Professor

B.A. (University of Delhi);
M.A.; M.Phil.; Ph.D. (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Dr. Avanindra Thakur has more than four years of teaching experience in different colleges of Delhi University where he taught papers such as Mathematical Methods of Economics, Econometrics, Money and Financial Markets etc.

He has also worked as visiting/Adjunct Faculty in Ambedkar University New Delhi and offered courses on Quantitative Methods and Development Economics at MA Level. He has authored various papers in National Journals Including Journal of Rural DevelopmentJournal of Social and Economic Studies etc. He has also contributed chapters in books published both at the National and International level including two from Oxford University Press. His writings on contemporary economic issues have come up regularly in various Newspapers and Monthly Magazines both in Hindi and English. So far he has presented more than ten research papers in various National and International Conferences. He has been associated with many workshops and invited for special Lectures on the use of various statistical software packages such as STATA, SPSS, R, EVIEWS etc.

His area of interest includes- Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics and Macro Economics.

  • Structural Transformation of Bihar’s Economy Since Early 1980s: All Dressed Up but Where to Go? Praveen Jha and Avanindra Nath Thakur; Journal of Social and Economic Studies; ISSN: 0377-0508 Volume XXII, Number 2, July-December 2012.
  • Employment and Unemployment: Context and Prospects by Praveen Jha and Ananindra Nath Thakur in India: Social Development Report 2012: Minorities at the Margins; Edited by Zoya Hasan, and Mushirul Hasan, Oxford University Press 2013.
  • Thirty Years On: Work and Well-Being in Rural Bihar (Praveen Jha and Avanindra Nath Thakur) in The Changing Village in India: Insights from Longitudinal Research; Edited by Himanshu, Praveen Jha, and Gerry Rodgers, Oxford University Press. 2016.
  • Book Review, Capital in the Twenty First Century by Thomas Piketty, in The JMC Review: An Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal of Criticism, Practice and Theory; Online ISSN: 2456-9550, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi.