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JSES Entrance Examinations

Entrance Examinations

The admissions process of postgraduate JSGP Programmes is specifically designed to evaluate the intellectual ability and critical thinking capability of the applicants. This process is both rigorous and holistic that aims to gauge the suitability of the applicant for this research-intensive programme.

The online admission process for JSGP postgraduate programmes for the academic year 2022 is open. Please find the details of the selection process below.

Application Assessment

To start your application, click here and register with an active email address. Your login details will be sent to this email account after due verification. All relevant information will be communicated to you on this registered email address only.

You should provide all the information sought in the application, both in the mandatory and non-mandatory sections, as it will help us better evaluate your application.

Please keep scanned copies of following documents handy for uploading.

  • Grades/Scores of X/Equivalent, XII/Equivalent and Graduation (if completed)
  • Personal Statement
  • Supplemental Applications
  • Passport Size Photograph

Personal Statement (At least 300 Words)

All applicants need to submit a personal statement. This is a short reflective piece where you get a chance to tell us a bit more about yourself and what you think the Admissions and Faculty teams need to know about you. While there is no preferred format, the personal statement should give the reader a good sense of your personality and who you are. It should not be specific to a programme. Please make sure that your personal statement should be clearly visible, readable and not password-protected.

If you apply for multiple programmes, your personal statement will transfer to your new application. There is no need to submit a second personal statement.

Supplemental Questions

For each individual programme, applicants will be asked to answer at least three additional questions. This is a chance for you to describe your interest in the programme you are applying to in more detail. Some programmes may give you the opportunity to provide websites, blogs, and portfolios as part of your application. 

If you apply for multiple programmes, you will receive a different set of supplemental questions for each programme.

Passport Size Photograph

Please upload your recent front-facing profile picture (2 x 2) with a neutral background.

Click SUBMIT at the end, after you pay the application fee and complete the form.

An Online Application Number will be displayed when you successfully submit the online form by making the payment. Use this Application Number as a reference when you communicate with us.

Applicants will be notified if they have “Advanced to Round 2” or if their application has been “Rejected”.

Round 1

This is the most important part of the application process. Applicants who get to this round will have an interview with a member of the faculty for their respective schools. There is no set format for these interviews, but it is a chance for the faculty to ask the applicant questions and the applicant to find out more about a programme from faculty members directly.

Emphasis in these interviews is placed on oral communication, confidence, curiosity, clarity of expression, and nuanced thinking.

Some applicants may be asked to complete a second interview*. This does not mean that the applicant is a weak applicant. Sometimes faculty members request an additional opinion or want the applicant to speak to a faculty member aligned to the applicant’s interests.

* The second interview will be held in the following Admissions Cycle.

Faculty Interview

Applicants who have advanced to Round 2 will need to do the following:

Round 2

Congratulations and Welcome to the JGU Family!

Waitlisted Applicants

Applicants may also be waitlisted depending on their results. Waitlisted applicants are requested to upload their Class XII results as soon as they are released. Such applicants may also be asked to face an additional interview.

  • Applicants will be notified if they have “Advanced to Round 3”, have been “Rejected”, or “Placed on the Waitlist”. Applicants who have advanced to Round 3 will receive a Provisional Offer of admissions.


  • Successful applicants are required to pay the Refundable Registration Fee* of Rs.50,000 to secure their seat.


  • Once the Graduation results are confirmed, applicants will be given their Final Offer of admissions.



  • Applicants who would like to apply for a scholarship will submit their documentation for consideration at this time.


*Refundable as per UGC Guidelines