Faculty Publications

  1. A Comparative Study of the Evolving Jurisprudence on SEP Licensing

    Journal: The Journal of World Intellectual Property (2020)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, and Srajan Jain

  2. Philips v Bansal and Bhagirathi Electronics: India’s first decision on the infringement of a standard essential patent

    Journal: Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property 9.3 (2019)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, and Srajan Jain

  3. A note on the neglected issue of reverse patent holdup

    Journal: Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2018)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish

  4. All good things mustn’t come to an end: Reigniting the debate on patent policy and standard setting. In Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology

    Journal: pp. 85-116. Springer, Singapore (2018)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, Manveen Singh, and Srajan Jain

  5. Regulating standard essential patents in implementer-oriented countries: Insights from Japan and India.

    Journal: Springer Singapore (2018)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, and Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi

  6. Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology: Insights on Innovation, Patents and Competition

    Journal: Springer (2018)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, Vishwas H. Devaiah, and Indranath Gupta, eds. 

  7. Complications and quandaries in the ICT sector: Standard essential patents and competition issues, Singapore

    Journal: Springer Open (2018)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, Vishwas H. Devaiah, and Indranath Gupta

  8. Psychology of innovation: innovating human psychology? In Technological and Institutional Innovations for Marginalized Smallholders in Agricultural Development

    Journal: pp. 65-80. Springer, Cham (2016)

    By Kumar, Manasi, and Ashish Bharadwaj


  9. A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire: Implication of the 2015 Amendments to IEEE-SA’s Patent Policy. Cap.

    Journal: UL Rev. 46 (2018): 583

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, and Manveen Singh

  10. Failure is Not Falling Down But Refusing to Get Up: Implication of Huawei/ZTE Framework (CJEU 2015) in Europe, 17 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 326

    Journal: The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law 17, no. 3 (2018): 4

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, and Dipinn Verma

  11. Environmental regulations and innovation in advanced automobile technologies: Perspectives from Germany, India, China and Brazil

    Journal: Springer (2018)

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish 

  12. Patent injunction and the public interest in India

    Journal: European Intellectual Property Review (2018) 40:1

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish


  13. Special issue on standardization, patents and competition issues, Global developments and perspectives 

    Journal: Jindal Global Law Review 8, no. 2 (2017): 117-125.

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, Indranath Gupta, and Sunita Tripathy

  14. Introduction to the JGLR special issue on standardization, patents and competition issues: global developments and perspectives

    Journal: Jindal Global Law Review 8, no. 2 (2017): 117-125

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish, Indranath Gupta, and Sunita Tripathy

  15. Understanding China’s first injunction in SEP infringement (co-authored)

    Journal: Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2017) 12:8, Oxford University Press, Oxford

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish


  16. Interim Injunction in Standard Essential Patents in India

    Journal: Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (2016) 11:12, Oxford University Press, Oxford

    By Bharadwaj, Ashish


  17. An Exploratory Analysis of the Market Perspective on Reclaiming Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) from Decommissioned Preservative-Treated Wood Utility Poles

    Journal: Natural Resources 7, no. 10 (2016): 544

    By Vlosky, Richard P., Todd F. Shupe, and Anand Mishra


  18. A Case Study of Electricity Generation from Pine Needles in Rural Uttarakhand, India

    Journal: Louisiana State University Agriculture Center, Baton Rouge (LA) (2015)

    By Mishra, A., and R. Vlosky

  19. Propping in Business Groups: Prediction Efficacy of Earnings Announcements

    Journal: Global Business Review 20, no. 4 (2019): 981-995

    By Maheshwari, Yogesh, and Pankaj Gupta


  20. Ownership structures and effects of related lending and loan guarantees on firm performance in business groups

    Journal: Asian Journal of Accounting and Governance 9 (2018): 77-86

    By Maheshwari, Yogesh, and Pankaj Gupta


  21. A Review of Corporate Hedging Models and Their Relevance in Corporate Finance

    Journal: Theoretical Economics Letters 7, no. 02 (2017): 102

    By Gupta, Pankaj


  22. Hedging effectiveness of precious metals across frequencies: Evidence from Wavelet based Dynamic Conditional Correlation analysis

    Journal: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 541, 123631 (2020)

    By Bhatia, V., Das, D., & Kumar, S. B.

  23. Dynamic Co-movement between Crude oil and Stock Markets: Some International Evidence

    Journal: Journal of Economic Research, 57-80 (2018)

    By Bhatia, V., Mitra, S. K.

  24. A review of bank efficiency and productivity

    Journal: OPSEARCH, 1-44 (2018)

    By Bhatia, V., Basu, S., Mitra, S. K., & Dash, P.

  25. Crude Oil Hedging with Precious Metals: A Dcc-Garch Approach

    Journal: Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 22(1), 1-8 (2018)

    By Bhatia, V., Das, S., & Mitra, S. K.

  26. Do precious metal spot prices influence each other? Evidence from a nonparametric causality-in-quantiles approach

    Journal: Resources Policy, 55, 244-252 (2018)

    By Bhatia, V., Das, D., Tiwari, A. K., Shahbaz, M., & Hasim, H. M.

  27. The relationship between oil prices and US economy revisited

    Journal: Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy, 13(1), 37-45 (2018)

    By Das, D., Bhatia, V., Pillai, J., & Tiwari, A. K.

  28. Changing value detrended cross correlation coefficient over time: Between crude oil and crop prices

    Journal: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (2018)

    By Mitra, S. K., Bhatia, V., Jana, R. K., Charan, P., & Chattopadhyay, M.

  29. Atmospheric consequences of trade and human development: A case of BRIC countries

    Journal: Atmospheric Pollution Research, 7(6), 980-989 (2016)

    By Sinha, A., and Sen, S.


  30.  Internationalization: A study of small firms from emerging markets.

    Journal: The Journal of Developing Areas, 50(6), 355-364. (ABDC Ranking: B) (2016)

    By Tiwari, S., Sen, S., and Shaik, R

  31. God is with the patient people’: festival, class and interreligious engagement

    By Kaur, Raminder, and Syed Mohammed Faisal (2019)

  32. Milk will drive methane emissions in India. Forthcoming, Climatic Change

    By Gupta, R. and Dasgupta