Faculty Projects

1. The Environmental Fallout of the White Revolution in India

Funded by South Asian Network of Development and Environmental Economists

Principal Investigators: Amlan Das Gupta and Ridhima Gupta (IISER Bhopal)

The project studies the impact of traditional vis a vis modern methods in dairy farming in India on the amount of methane emissions from this sector. India is the second largest emitter of methane from livestock production in the world (Highly potent greenhouse gas). The project aim is to document the current as well as the predicted future path of methane emissions from milk in India, taking into account adoption rates of modern emission reducing technologies.

2. Promises, policies, and programmes supporting emerging educational technology in Indian education

Funded by JGU Research Grant

Principal Investigators: Ram B. Ramachandran and Shalini Goel

The research will identify focus on Indian entrepreneurs/startups in specific emerging educational technology areas of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Augmented Reality. The research will also identify the impact of India’s educational policies and programmes in promoting innovation in these areas.

3. Adoption of Global Best Practices and Modern Methods by Dairy Farmers and Milk Cooperatives in Haryana

Funded by JGU Research Grant

Principal Investigators: Amlan Das Gupta, Soumyadip Roy and Ram B. Ramachandran

Project looks at operations of dairy cooperatives and the production methods of dairy farmers in Haryana. The objective is to understand the incentives and challenges involved with matching global best practices in either case.

4. Regulatory Tracker for COVID-19


Principal Investigator: Shohini Sengupta

The project tracks global macro-prudential regulation focused on systemic risk, including bank regulation, and cross-sectoral regulatory responses in the insurance sector, capital markets, pension, housing finance, and other allied sectors. It also tracks social security regulatory responses in India. The fundamental objective of the Covid-19 tracker will be to provide continuous data, available freely to other researchers and interested parties; and to enable subsequent analysis on global financial regulatory practice.

5. Public vs private education in India: Trends, opportunities and affordability


Principal Investigator: Soumyadip Roy

This project examines trends in higher education sector in India. We use data from the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India to see trends in privatization of the higher education sector. We also see the gendered aspects of higher education – fields which have higher or lower representation of women faculty and students, and the reasons behind such concentrations. We intend to extend the analysis to see how these mechanisms affect the quality of higher education in India.

6. Social media influencers driving unplanned sustainable consumption behaviour: Empirical investigation from a survey


Principal Investigator: Shalini Goel

This research aims to assess if influencers play a role in motivating their followers through their content to adopt sustainable products and/or practices.