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Economic and Finance for Society Inititative

Members engaged: Pulkit Taluja, Vaneet Bhatia and Sudipta Sen


Information asymmetry

Working paper:

“Joint Role of Debt Maturity and Collateral as Signaling Devices in Mitigating Information Asymmetry: A Theoretical Model” Pulkit Taluja (IIM Calcutta & Jindal School of Banking & Finance & Rama Seth (Copenhagen Business School, IIM Calcutta)


Financial Markets

Chakrabarti, Prasenjit, and Sudipta Sen. “Transmission of funding liquidity shocks in the options market: evidence from India.” Applied Economics Letters (2020): 1-5.


Bhatia, Vaneet, and Sankarshan Basu. “Causality-in-quantiles between crude oil and stock markets: Evidence from emerging economies.” Finance Research Letters (2020): 101736.


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Bhatia, Vaneet, Debojyoti Das, Aviral Kumar Tiwari, Muhammad Shahbaz, and Haslifah M. Hasim. “Do precious metal spot prices influence each other? Evidence from a nonparametric causality-in-quantiles approach.” Resources policy 55 (2018): 244-252.


Bhatia, Vaneet, and S. K. Mitra. “Crude oil and stock market co-movement: Evidence from G7 and BRICS nations.” Journal of economic research 23, no. 1 (2018): 57-80.