Inside JGU 2019 - Issue 9 (September)

JSBF hosts 1st Global Finance Conclave on “Building a $5 Trillion Indian Economy: The Way Forward”

JSBF hosted the 1st Global Finance Conclave on “Building a $5 Trillion Indian Economy: The Way Forward” on 17-18 September 2019 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The sessions in the conference include: How Do We Bank the Unbanked in India? ; Is India Prepared for New Law & Policy Challenges in Connected Banking, Commerce and Fintech? ; Are Banks Too Big to Fail and How Bad is India’s Infrastructure Debt Crisis? ; Creating Sustainable Growth; Should India Emulate the Chinese Model of Economic Growth and Development? ; Engagement Vs Competition: Emerging Era of International Trade and Tax Policies; How can Women Drive the Next Wave of Economic Growth in India? ; Overturning Financial Downturns to Reaching  a Frictionless Economy: Challenges and Opportunities.


The global economy is going through tectonic shifts in the face of nationalistic fervour, polarisation and protectionist tendencies. The economic expansion of the 80s and 90s driven by globalisation is seeing a reversing trend in the last decade driven by geopolitical ambitions of nations and increasing economic, political, and financial fragmentation. Financial crisis precipitated a yo-yo effect of risk, regulatory, and governance agenda for nations and financial institutions. A new economic and financial order is emerging which is increasingly driven by the influence of technology like Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence, regulations, sustainability goals, and the economic divide between people. To meet these evolving challenges, a fresh look is required at the role of nance, that which is rooted in solving societal challenges, responding to the demands of entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and bridging the gap between the rich and poor economies. Financial institutions, policy makers, academicians, and regulators, need to come together to discuss in an open forum the new challenges and develop solutions that addresses international trade, sustainability, data protection and privacy, and complex fiduciary responsibility.

Global Finance Conclave will assemble key financial services stakeholders including senior regulators and policy makers, economists, professional service providers, and leaders from banks and insurance companies, asset and wealth management firms, FinTech and more. They will discuss topics of current interest to build new opportunities for organisations, consumers, and the economy. The Conclave will highlight a range of timely global economic and financial issues, including prospects for growth, challenges in adopting digital transformation, cross border regulation and tax policy, and more.

Role of women in the growth of a nation’s economy cannot be ignored. Their ability to take positions of leadership in the public and private domain cannot be underscored Global Finance Conclave will hear from women leaders in business and academia.

Global Finance Conclave will provide perspectives from leaders in the planning and policy formulation, banking and finance industry and academicians on driving India’s economic growth in today’s global economy in a sustained, technology-led and equitable manner. We invite policymakers, executives, industry experts, law practitioners, policymakers, regulators, academicians and students to participate.