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Jindal Initiative on Research in IP and Competition (JIRICO) is a think-tank set up by O.P. Jindal Global University in 2015 to inform and contribute to public policy-making by undertaking cutting-edge research and high-level deliberations on topics at the interface of intellectual property (IP), competition and technological innovation. It focuses on global developments, with a special emphasis on the Indian policy environment, which can inform stakeholders about the issues in this niche area. JIRICO provides a unique platform to facilitate dialogue among industry partners, policymakers, regulators, practitioners and academicians. JIRICO has received research grant from Qualcomm Corporation to conduct conferences, workshops and pursue research

Our Publications

Multidimensional Approaches Towards New Technology: Insights on Innovation, Patents and Competition (eds.), (Springer, 2018).

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj,Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta & Prof. (Dr.) Vishwas H. Devaiah

Complications and Quandaries in the ICT Sector: SEPs and Competition Issues, Springer,2017 (open access).

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj,Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta & Prof. (Dr.) Vishwas H Devaiah

Footprints of Feist in European Database Directive: A legal analysis of IP Law-making in Europe (Springer, 2017).

Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta,

Our Publications

Procedural Fairness in India(co-authored) , Antitrust Procedural Fairness (ed), Daniel Sokol and Andrew Guzman (eds.), Oxford University Press(UK) 2018.

Prof. Avirup Bose

Evolving Huawei Framework: SEPs and Grant of Injunction, (Springer, 2018).

Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta, Prof. (Dr.) Vishwas H. Devaiah, Dipesh A. Jain & Vishal Shrivastava

Environmental Regulations and Patenting in Advanced Environment-Friendly Technologies: Focus on Germany, India, China and Brazil, Springer Briefs in Economics, (Springer Nature, 2018)

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj

Our Publications

In the Line of Fire: Is Technology Taking Over the Legal Profession, in ALTA Conference 2017, at University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia, July, 2017.

Prof. Manveen Singh

Shielding internet intermediaries from copyright liability-A comparative discourse on safe harbours in Singapore and India, The Journal of World Intellectual Property.

Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta

India’s Participatory Role in the Database Debate at WIPO in Locating India in the Contemporary International Legal Orders, Srinivas Burra, Rajesh Babu, R. (eds.), (Springer, 2018).

Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta


Philips v Bansal & Bhagirathi Electronics: India’s first decision on the infringement of a standard-essential patent, Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, Volume 9, Issue 3

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj & Srajan Jain

The need for healthcare reforms: is no-fault liability the solution to medical malpractice?(co-authored) Asian Bioethics Review Journal, Springer Nature Singapore 2019.

Prof. (Dr.) Vishwas H. Devaiah

Shifting Focus on Hold-Out Situations in SEP Licensing: Perspectives from EU, US and India, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice,Volume 14, Issue 1, Oxford University Press (U.K.) 2018

Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta, Prof. (Dr.) Vishwas H. Devaiah & Shruti Bhushan

Our Publications

The next patent frontier beckons,Mail Today, July 10, 2019.

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj

Director, JIRICO

Mission Shakti: Did PM Modi help countrymen reimagine India’s military, commercial and geopolitical power, Financial Express, April 03, 2019.

Prof. Avirup Bose

Out-of-the-box solutions needed, The Pioneer, April 01, 2020

Shruti Bhushan & Basu Chandola




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