Jindal Initiative on Research in IP and Competition





17th - 22nd August 2017

For the writing workshop, JIRICO invited submissions are invited on any topic related to the intersection of law, economics, policy and business. Topics were as follows:

1. IPR and dominance (pricing, cross-licensing, bundling, refusal)

2. ICT and digital markets in the new economy (issues related to SEPs and SSO)

3. Issues of extra-territoriality and comity of antitrust/competition agencies

4. New challenges for the sharing economy and e-commerce

5. Smart cities, smart homes and legal issues

6. Paperless trade, bitcoins, Fin-tech and banking

7. Artificial Intelligence and legal issues

8. Enterprise IoT and Big Data

9. ICT and investment arbitration

10.Remedies in patent licensing disputes

JIRICO-Hoover IP2 International Workshop

New Delhi

18th December, 2016

The JIRICO-Hoover IP2 International Workshop, held in collaboration with Hoover IP2 of Stanford University, on Standard Essential Patents and Existing Debates in India: Busting Patent Myths Through Evidence focused on the lesser explored issues in the context of India. such as: (i) the patent hold-up hypothesis: theory and evidence; (ii) patent bundling leading to anticompetitive practices; (iii) royalty base and assessing FRAND royalties; (iv) parameters to identify an ‘unwilling licensee’ in a “reverse hold-up” situation; (v) criteria for determining royalties for FRAND-encumbered SEPs; and (vi) damages as a deterrent mechanism in preventing companies from misappropriation of technology.

Global Innovators Dialogue

New Delhi

12th November, 2016

The National IPR Policy, unveiled in May 2016, was one such effort of the government where it proposes the primary use of IP as a financial asset and marketable tool for promotion of innovation to ensure economic growth and sociocultural development. The policy proposes several strategic actions as well as legislative measures to achieve the given objective. JIRICO held a high-level consultative Global Innovators Dialogue in New Delhi on 12 November 2016. The sessions

deliberated on these topics: (i) changing dynamics of technological innovation in India; (ii) legal and policy obstacles in innovation and IPRs; and (iii)role of universities and partnerships in fostering innovation.

National Consultation Workshop on Standard-Setting and Innovation in the ICT Sector

New Delhi

19th December, 2015

JIRICO’s National Consultation Workshop on Standard-Setting and Innovation in the ICT Sector held in New Delhi, India, on 19th December 2015 explored some fundamental questions as to how intellectual property can spur innovation; the extent to which courts and regulators should intervene to limit unfair practices in contexts like patent licensing; the extent to which the overall legal regime governing the information and communication technology sector encourages companies to conduct business in India with reasonable ease;

the emerging issues faced by standard setting organisations; and the complexities involving fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory licensing terms for standard essential patents.