Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling, JGU’s Tenth school, inaugurated - O.P. Jindal Global University
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Inside JGU 2020 - Issue 9 (September)

Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling, JGU’s Tenth school, inaugurated

The tenth school of JGU, Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling (JSPC), was inaugurated on 29 September 2020. This is followed by the launch of B.A. (Hons) in Psychology programme.

In the virtual event, (Dr.) Ian Paul Everall, Executive Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, and Dr. Nimesh G. Desai, Director, Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Government of Delhi, were the Guests of Honour.

Prof. Paul delivered the Inaugural Address on the theme “The Important Contribution of Psychology to Understand Mental Health Problems”. Dr. Desai delivered the Keynote Address.

Prof. Everall said, “Psychology as a discipline is based on an ethos of pluralism and diversity. These are the exact principles that JGU identifies itself with, too, and hence this symbiotic relation will help in the enrichment of the discipline considerably.”

Dr. Desai said, “The WHO had predicted that depression would become the top ranked problem among all public health problems. Given this fact, and the fact that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with the mental health of people across the world, the setting up of this school becomes significantly more relevant and necessary.”

Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, JGU said, “The JSPC is being launched by JGU on the basis of five guiding principles, which includes the interdisciplinary dimension of the study of psychology within the larger context of humanities and social sciences. The second principle behind the setting up of the school is to inculcate a sense of research in the broader field of psychology. The third principle stems from the need to develop disciplines surrounding psychology with a view to improving the discourse around mental health in particular. The fourth aspect is to deliver on a long felt need to have a world class school of psychology within India with a view to fulfilling the aspirations of a large number of young people in the country.”

Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, Principal Director, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS), said the need to create a School dedicated to Psychology and Counselling was also felt due to the prevalence of a deep stigma attached to mental health issues in India. With one in five Indians being afflicted by some kind of mental health issue, it is important to ensure that such issues are addressed at the earliest, he added.