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Inside JGU 2020 - Issue 1 (January)

JIBS organises workshops, trainings and certificate programmes on various themes

1. Workshop on Positive Parenting in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) on January 8th organised an interactive session for parents in Colombo to create awareness on the holistic development of children. Over 200 parents attended the session. The session was held by behavioural expert Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P Sahni, Principal Director, JIBS and was attended by more than 200 parents from across the country.


The workshop’s purpose was to communicate effective practices of positive parenting to the parents through interactive approach and related activities.

2. Teacher Training Program for the Educators of Colombo, Sri Lanka

JIBS in association with Gateway College Dehiwala, Colombo, Sri Lanka organised a workshop on ‘Best Teaching Practices’ for the educators of Colombo on January 9.


Dr. Sahni trained over 400 teachers with effective and innovative teaching methodologies and to empower them with techniques and tools to enhance and encourage active involvement of students in the learning processes. More than 400 teachers participated in the event.

3. MoU signed between JGU and Gateway College Colombo

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between JGU and Gateway College, Colombo, Sri Lanka to undertake collaborations for academic and research activities.


On behalf of JGU, Dr. Sahni signed the MoU with Dr. Harsh Alles, Chairman, Gateway College on January 09.


The institutions decided to collaborate for academic and research activities such as student exchange program, faculty exchange and staff development. Besides, it was proposed to study the feasibility of dual degree programs & short term academic program.

4. International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (ICPESS)

A Keynote address on ‘Alpha Brainwave Therapy for peak performance’ was delivered by Dr. Sahni at the International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (ICPESS)2020 on 9th January, 2020 at Manipal University, Jaipur.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sahni said: ‘In order to improve the performance of Indian athletes, the role of sports psychologists is imperative, and it must be recognised in today’s Indian sports scenario’. Dr Sahni emphasised the importance of sports psychologists and their role in uplifting the overall development of athletes.


In his opinion, sports psychologists must be engaged to train athletes from the very beginning of their training programmes and not to be considered as a last-minute solution provider to athletes for better performance.

On the occasion, Shivjot Gill, Doctoral Research Fellow, JIBS, presented her research paper on ‘Factors Promoting the Holistic Development of Indian Shooters: An Exploratory Study’. She discussed the importance of mental training and its imperativeness to enable the personal and professional excellence of shooters.

5. Positive Parenting Workshop, Jaipur

A workshop on ‘Positive Parenting’ was conducted by JIBS at Maharana Pratap Auditorium in Jaipur.

The event was organised to accentuate opportunities to cultivate a personalised path for academic achievement of students while maintaining a sense of support and community. The emphasis was on building and redeeming relationship with students whilst giving equal importance to the cognitive and non-cognitive abilities of the children.


Dr. Sahni stated: “The way parents deal with their children is the key factor to determine the approach children will take towards problem solving, decision making, goal pursuance, handling stress, understanding and managing their emotions, dealing with success and failures and so on”.


He further emphasised the role of parents in supporting the development of their child during the crucial age of 0-7 years. “The worldviews, beliefs and values of a child are implicitly developed and influenced by those of parents,” he told the audience.

6. 7 Day Certificate Program on ‘Leadership and Management’ for Education Officers of Bhutan

A 7-day certificate program on ‘Leadership and Management’ for District Education Officers and Thromdey District Education Officers was organised by Jindal Institute of Leadership Development and Executive Education (JILDEE) for officers of Bhutan government, under the aegis of JIBS. The event was held from January 10-16 at JGU. Twenty-eight officers from Bhutan participated in the event.


The certificate course was intended to help the participants in making better decisions at workplace, educating how human potential can be maximised through behavioural competencies and the role of psychophysiology in performance enhancement. In addition, it aimed at helping them understand the organisational interventions on the basis of the assessment results to optimise growth.


Dr. Sahni delivered a lecture on ‘Communication Skills and Etiquettes’. Other JIBS faculty members – Dr. Manjushree Palit, Associate Professor & Additional Director; Dr. Mohita Junnarkar, Assistant Professor & Deputy Director; and Dr. Pulkit Khanna, Assistant Professor & Assistant Director – also delivered lectures focusing on critical educational aspects like ‘Art of listening’, ‘Rubrics’ and ‘Best Teaching Practices‘.

7. First Annual Conference of International Association of Young Psychologists on “Emerging Trends in Behavioural Sciences”

The First Annual Conference of International Association of Young Psychologists Conference was inaugurated on 16 January under the aegis of JIBS at JGU. The conference was organised with the aim to provide a platform for the exchange of newly emerging perspectives in the field of behavioural sciences and contribute to the advancement of the field globally.

Dr. Sahni stated that this is the first such conference to be held with a focus on the advancement of knowledge and research in the field of psychology and encourage young psychology professionals to cultivate a multi-disciplinary approach in behavioural sciences through innovation, scholarship and clinical care. Nearly 800 scholars, academics and psychologists participated in the first annual conference of the association.


During the conference, 50 scholars presented their work on themes like Psycho-social Safety, Parental Role and Child Development, Understanding Identity, Psychological Distress: Coping with Difficult Times, Psychological Competencies among Diverse Professions, and Developmental Trajectories of Adolescence among others.


The keynote addresses were delivered by Professor P. Jeychandran and Professor G.P. Thakur. Professor G.P. Thakur is Hon. Director, Centre for Advanced Research on Development & Change. Professor P. Jeychandran is Director, Vijay Human Services, Chennai, Founder SPASTN, Founder and Consultant – Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children member.


The delegates discussed and addressed a range of key issues in psychology ranging from cognitive neurosciences, psychological testing, child and adolescent issues, parental role in child development to understanding identity, dealing with distress, interpersonal relationships and future directions in the field of psychology.


During the conference, a Continuing Rehabilitation Education Programme approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India was also successfully conducted.  The theme for the programme was ‘Understanding and Managing Developmental Disabilities’. One hundred clinical psychologists, special educators and rehabilitation psychologists attended the two-day program which comprised of eight interactive sessions with participation by various speakers.

As the part of the conference, Dr. Sahni had an interactive session on the topic ‘Neuropsychological therapy: Recent Trends in Therapeutic Approaches for Special Needs Children’. Ms. Karishma, Doctoral Research Fellow, JIBS and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) recognised clinical psychologist also had a session with the participants on the topic ‘Positive mental Health: Assessment and training for Special Educators’. Ms. Nisha Phakey, Doctoral Research Fellow, JIBS also had an interactive session with the participants targeting ‘Alternative Therapies: A Road Ahead for Remediation of Special Needs Children.

8. Talk on ‘Student Performance Enchancement’ by Dr. Tithi Bhatnagar

Dr. Tithi Bhatnagar, Assistant Professor & Joint Director, JIBS delivered a special talk on January 18 on ‘Student Performance Enhancement’ during the ‘RYLA’ festival held by Rotary International at JGU.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Tithi emphasised the need to understand ways and strategies for self-regulation, understanding relations and decoding language gestures by the teachers, understanding emotional intelligence, behaviour analysis and ways to foster happiness in the classrooms. About 235 students attended the session.

9. JIBS Winter School on Forensic Science and Legal Psychology

With an aim to bring diverse and advanced knowledge in other disciplines of expertise to inform their strategies and arguments in the courtroom, a special Winter School on ‘Forensic Science and Legal Philosophy’ was conducted by JIBS from January 19-22 at JGU. Nine scholars participated in the winter school.


The course was designed to supplement legal training of the criminal law undergraduates and incorporate interdisciplinarity between the field of law and scientific evidence and opinion. Renowned academician Dr. Mark Briskey from Murdoch University presented the keynote address.


Sessions on Brain Mapping, DNA fingerprinting, Paternity & Maternity Testing, Fingerprint Analysis and Courtroom Psychology were conducted by JIBS faculty members during the course of the Winter school.


Besides, school students were imparted training in CSI, DNA and finger printing sciences as well as the science behind brain mapping, lie detection and courtroom psychology by internationally trained instructors and practitioners from various fields.


Along with nine participants of Forensic Science and Legal Psychology Winter School, 24 teachers visiting from the Sultanate of Oman also visited the JIBS Brain Behaviour Laboratory for an assessment of mental and physical health. Participants’ mental health was assessed by skin resistance and physical health was assessed through blood oxygen levels. The results were discussed with the visitors and they were guided to improve their mental and physical health.

10. Conclave on ‘Ethical Leadership and Values’

IIHMR University, Jaipur organised an International Conclave on “Ethical Leadership and Values” followed by a workshop on “Stress Management” on January 29, in which Dr. Sahni was Chief Guest. The conclave was aimed at providing insights on how to handle relationship stress, work stress and learn new techniques to enhance personal and professional life. 


Besides Dr. Sahni, Director of Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli: Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Gurudev Shri Amritji and Ms. Kamini Desai, Founder & Executive Director respectively, Amrit Yoga Institute, Florida, USA also addressed the audience.


The one-day conclave saw stimulating and vibrant sessions on Mind Body Relationships, Value & Ethics in Current World, Happiness & Bliss, Enhance Personal & Professional Life and Swabhav to Swadharma.

11. Keynote Address by Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni at International Conference on Community Psychology

A keynote address titled “Community Psychology: Principles of Intervention & Prevention applied in Solving Community Problems” was presented by Dr. Sahni whilst addressing the International Conference on Community Psychology on January 31 organised by the Department of Psychology, St. Wilfred’s PG College, Jaipur and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University, Panvel, Mumbai.


The conference aimed to analyse community psychology in the world today, with its practical challenges and limits, reflecting on the paths taken by Community Psychology in recent years.


It also aided to celebrate and interrogate the ways in which solidarities are fostered and sustained within community contexts, across borders and boundaries. Besides, it also promotes the opportunity for psychology students to gain experience with presenting scientific papers and posters and to discuss their work with experienced researchers in social and community psychology.