Inside JGU 2020 Issue 12 (December)

JIBS completes over 250 webinar sessions during pandemic

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic which has restricted physical learning exchanges across most of the educational institutes in the world, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) completed over 250 webinars in a series focused on mental health, emotional well-being and stress management.

More than 41,500 participants, including students, parents, teachers, and other professionals, have so far attended the online sessions which are aimed at raising awareness and strengthening knowledge and understanding of behavioural competencies.

The webinar series is a part of JIBS’ outreach plan to reach maximum audiences who are in need of consultation and counselling particularly during the current pandemic. The webinars also addressed the most frequently asked questions about psychological treatment of anxiety disorders, depression and related disorders, especially in the context of the pandemic.

“The webinars have been a huge success and we have been able to reach diverse audiences. Our online programmes have benefitted educators, corporate employees, counsellors, students and other professionals not only from India but across the continents,” said Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, Principal Director, JIBS.

Dr. Sahni said that the webinar series was aimed at finding innovative solutions to deal with social and professional lives within the current set of constraints. “We delved into a range of topics in the webinars which revolved around topical issues like mental health, behavioural competencies and learning in isolation.”

As the events surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak continue to unfold, people often feel anxious and stressed as the developments change rapidly. The primary focus of the webinar series has been to encourage students and professionals from various walks of life to undergo proper training and counselling that would eventually help them to alleviate the stress associated with the pandemic more effectively and rapidly.

Apart from Dr. Sahni, other JIBS faculty members and research scholars like Dr. Iryna Soroka, Dr. Manjushree Palit, Dr. Mohita Junnarkar, Dr. Tithi Bhatnagar and Dr. Pulkit Khanna also conducted webinars on varied topics like emotional intelligence, best teaching practices, effective communication skills, time management, mindfulness, etc.