Inside JGU 2019 - Issue 7 (July)

JGU organises Aqua Yoga on International Yoga Day


JGU marked International Yoga Day on 21 June 2019 with a session on Aqua Yoga” at its state-of-the-art swimming pool. Students, faculty and staff members participated in this innovative event.



While emphasising the importance of yoga, the session commenced with the recitation of a prayer, and was followed with an extensive warm-up schedule inside the swimming pool.



The beginning of Aqua Yoga was highlighted with the “Urdhva Hastasana” (Upward salute) which synched with the rising sun. The spectacular scene during the “sun rise” set the tone for the entire program.



As the participants got used to performing asana in water, the master trainer increased the difficulty level by moving from simple to complex. A series of different postures of yogasanas were performed with great ease in the swimming pool like ‘Vriksasana’, ‘Trikonnasana’, ‘Padmasana’, ‘Veerbhadrasana’, ‘Garudasana’, ‘Ujjayi Pranayama’, ‘Taadasana’, etc.