Inside JGU 2019 - Issue 3 (March)

JGU organises 5th International Literary Conference


The English Literary Society organised the fifth edition of the annual international literary conference at JGU on March 1-2, 2019. This year’s edition was devoted to the theme “Comparative Literature: For a Harmonious World.” Around 125 academics and researchers from different parts of the country and from abroad took part in the two-day event. 



Professor B.K. Kuthiala, Chairman, Haryana State Higher Education Council inaugurated the event as chief guest. The leading Indian poet writing in English, Padmashri Keki Daruwalla presided over the inaugural and former Vice Chancellor of Vikramshila University, Nellore, Professor C.R. Visweswara Rao delivered the keynote address. Earlier, Professor Y.S.R. Murthy, Registrar, JGU, welcomed the distinguished guests and delegates. He also gave a detailed introduction of the university.


The chief guest at the Valedictory Session was Professor R.K. Anayath, Vice Chancellor, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology and the Guest of Honour was Professor P.M. Gaur, Director, Haryana Sahitya Akademi. Dr R.K. Dhawan, President, of Indian Society for Commonwealth Society, presided over the session.


Inaugurating the conference, Professor Kuthiala, former Vice Chancellor, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism & Communication, Bhopal lauded the theme of the conference which, according to him, fitted in well with the ethos of Indian culture. Poet and novelist Keki Daruwalla, in a separate address, dwelt on the theme ‘Poetry as Revolt’ in the context of world literature. Also Professor CRV Rao dealt in detail with world literature drawing parallels of various types.


Among the creative writers were present Mr Rajat Mitra, novelist, Ms Roswitha Joshi, Indo-German novelist, poets Dr Poonam Dwivedi and Dr Rashmi Bajaj. Among the noted academics who attended the program were UGC Prof. Emeritus Nibir Ghosh, Prof. Pankaj Sharma (CDLU), ace commentator and critic Novy Kapadia, Dr Eliza Binte Elahi (South Asian University, Dhaka), Professor Sujata Rana, DCRUST, Dr Suman Bala, Delhi University, Dr Deepinderjeet Randhawa, Associate Professor, Khalsa College, Patiala, Dr Monali Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida et al.


Different dimensions of the theme of the conference were dealt with by the delegates. Literature in different languages of the world were taken up for comparison of themes, stylistic elements, ideologies, theories, cultural reflections, etc. The canvas of the conference being wide, many genres like poetry, novel, drama, autobiography, folk literature, travelogues, cinematic literature, children’s literature were talked about.


Writings of all strands – Feminist, Subaltern, Marginalized, Queer writing, Diasporic, Dystopian – were discussed. Occidental and Oriental literatures and Theories across Space and Time found due place too. The passionate involvement of young researchers and academics was especially heartening and the quality of papers quite appreciable.


Some of the other highlights are as follows: Psychologist-turned-novelist Rajat Mitra gave engrossing reading from his recently published novel The Infidel Next Door. Dr Eliza Binte Elahi of South Asia University, Dhaka presenting paper on “Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain: A Fierce Feminist Critic to Deplore Patriarchy for Muslim Women in Colonial Bengal.” Dr Poonam Dwivedi, poet and academic, conducted a lively creative-cum-cultural session in the evening. Professor Pankaj Sharma of Chaudhary Devi Lal University addressed the plenary on the topic: “Nation: There and Here.”


Dr Monali Bhattacharya’s talk on “Children’s Literature: Then and Now” was another show stealer. Prof. Emeritus Nibir Ghosh presided over this important session. Professor Sujata Rana, HOD Humanities, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University Of Science And Technology (DCRUST), compared Lord Byron and Mathew Arnold’s poems. Professor Dipa Chakrabarti, HOD Humanities, Amity University, Jaipur spoke on Simone de Beauvoir’s notion of Feminism and compared it to present thinking on the subject. Among the session chairs were Dr Gopa Nayak, Director, English Language Centre besides professors from different colleges and universities: Dr Jayshree Singh, Dr Priyanka Lamba, Dr Jyoti Raj, Dr Aparna Batra, Dr Karan Singh Yadav, Dr Seemant, Dr B.K. Singh, Dr N.K. Saini, et al. 



At the Valedictory session, the Chief Guest Professor R.K. Anayath, Vice Chancellor, DCRUST, underlined the need for the litterateurs to keep themselves abreast of developments in the field of technology so as not to be outpaced in the fast changing world. Prof. P.M. Gaur, Director, Haryana Sahitya Akademi exhorted the delegates from Haryana to submit their literary creations to the Akademi for the awards of various types. Prof. R.K. Dhawan praised the quality of papers, time management and other arrangements. Dr Jagdish Batra, the Convener of the Conference thanked all the literary luminaries, delegates, JGU management and staff, and the volunteer force led by Kushal Saini, student, JGU.