JGU MUN Regional Winner Awards

Awards For each Committee Cash Prizes - INR
Best Delegate 20,000
High Commendation 15,000
Special Mention 10,000
Best School Delegation 40,000

JGU MUN Global Leaders' Summit 2023

An exclusive invite-only event for the awardees of JGU MUN for each region. Each awardee shall be entitled to a minimum 20% scholarship on the tuition for pursuing a programme of their choice. This award is subject to the pre-existing JGU Scholarship Policy.

Awards for Global Leadership Summit Cash Prizes - INR
Global Leader 1 5 Lakhs *
Global Leader 2 3 Lakhs *
Global Leader 3 2 Lakhs *

* 50% of the amount shall be a cash prize and the rest may be encashed in the form of a scholarship for pursuing any programme offered at JGU.