There shall be 6 Committees being simulated at the JGU MUN 2023 conference. A description of each committee and its agenda is given in the following pages. Some committees have a pre-set agenda and while others shall be released by the executive board at a letter date. Not with standing anything provided hereinafter, the executive board shall be at their liberty to add up to one more agenda to the committees for which an existing agenda is provided, and same shall be released no later than prior to the conference.

UNGA (Intergovernmental


Discussing reform of the United Nations Security Council.

United Nations Security


Discussing the Russia-Ukraine war with special emphasis on averting the risk of a global nuclear conflict.

United Nations Commission
on Status of Women


Discussing solutions to challenges in women’s economic empowerment in the business sector with the aim of fostering gender equitable entrepreneurial endeavours in the new world of work.

All India Political
Parties Meet


Freedom of speech and expression in India with special reference to censorship of social media platforms.

Conference of Parties
(COP) -28


Discussing the equitable phase-down of fossil fuel production and use in compliance with the Glasgow pact commitments.

G20 meeting of finance ministers &
Central bank governors


Discussing the crises in food security and energy price inflation in the post-pandemic economic recovery period.