Professor (Dr.) Mario Spangenberg

Professor (Dr.) Mario Spangenberg

School of Law
Catholic University of Uruguay

Dr. Mario Spangenberg Bolívar has a doctorate in law from the Catholic University of Uruguay. He is currently studying for a Doctorate in Legal Sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Santa María de los Buenos Aires . He has completed postgraduate studies in the Complementary Diploma in Philosophy of Law and in Practical Philosophy, organized by the Institute of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Uruguay and the Hoover Chair in Economic and Social Ethics of the University of Louvain.

He is an associate professor of Criminal Law I and Criminal Law II at the UCU Law School, as well as a regular professor of the Master’s Degree in Criminal Procedural Law and of various courses for graduates. He served as a teaching secretary and as coordinator of the Law Degree.

He has practiced the liberal profession since 2001, and is director of the Ottati – Spangenberg & Araújo Study. He has acted as a legal advocate and sponsor in criminal matters, and has been hired for this purpose by various Public Bodies, as well as private companies, and as a consultant in the aforementioned matter of national and foreign legal studies.

He is the author of several books and articles published in scientific journals in the area of his specialty and has participated in various research projects, either as director or member of the research team. He is a member of the ICEPS Uruguay National Advisory Council and associate researcher grade 3 at the International Center of Economics Penal Studies, New York, from 2013 to date.