Prof. Kalyani Unkule

Associate Professor, JGLS and Director & Head of the Office of Alumni Relations

B.A. Economics (University of Pune);
M.A. Social Work (Delhi University);
M.A. Global Studies (University of Leipzig);
M.Sc. Global History (London School of Economics);
Doctoral Candidate (Maurer School of Law, Indiana University)

Prof. Kalyani Unkule is an Associate Professor, JGLS and Director & Head of the Office of Alumni Relations, JGU. Having completed her BA and MA degrees respectively in Economics and Social Work, in 2007 she was awarded the Erasmus Mundus scholarship to pursue MA/MSc Global Studies at London School of Economics and University of Leipzig. Returning to India in 2010, she held positions in Government and consulting before joining Jindal Global University in 2012. In 2011, Kalyani founded The Whiteboard Initiative to encourage stronger Higher Education ties between India and Europe, with support from the European Commission and her Erasmus Mundus alumni community. She has been a member of the Jean Monnet Network’s ‘EUCROSS’ (‘The European Union at the Crossroads of Global Order’) and The Global Working Group on International Students and Law Schools and remains passionately committed to promoting intercultural understanding and creating opportunities for educational exchanges between young people around the world. In her spare time she contributes columns on themes in spirituality to newspapers and blogs. She has published extensively on education philosophy, intercultural dialogue and international higher education, including a monograph in 2019 titled “Internationalising the University: A Spiritual Approach” with Palgrave Macmillan.


  • Internationalising the University: a Spiritual Approach (Palgrave Macmillan 2019)

Journal Articles:

  • Seeing all beings as oneself: internationalizing higher education for universal harmony   January 2018 special issue of Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad.
  • Countering Radicalisation- Meeting the Challenge of the Lone Wolves (Defence and Security Alert, April 2015)
  • The EU’s Self Image as a Security Actor (Defence and Security Alert, June 2014)
  • EU: Looking East, Staying West? (Defence and Security Alert, March 2011)

IDSA web commentaries:

  • Conflict and Cooperation in the Arctic;
  • Case of UK- France Defence Cooperation.


  • Road ahead for Australia-India collaboration in higher education (India News Australia, July 2020)

JSIA-CIES web commentaries:

  • Professor Thankdika Mkandawire’s Legacy: Lessons for Higher Education and it’s Internationalisation
  • A Diamond with many Facets (on demands for return of the Kohinoor diamond to India)
  • The AlBashir saga and India’s International Obligations
  • Perspectives on US Mass Incarceration
  • Reimagining India’s Role in the Thirty Meter Telescope Project
  • Eurocentrism, Solidarity and the Migrant Crisis
  • UK election 2015: The Outcome
  • Global Nationalisms: An Analytical Challenge for International Relations

Other Web Commentaries

  • University World News: Internationalising of HE for society comes of age
  • University World News: An opportunity to change international higher education?
  • South Asia Monitor: Ego as a driver in International Diplomacy
  • Policy Times: Equipping the new student for the brave new world
  • Fortune: The glass cliff – Implications for women’s leadership
  • Shiksha.com web commentary: Study in India: Meaningfully Internationalising Indian Higher Education
  • Business World Education web commentary – Study Abroad and Employability
  • THEWIRE.IN web commentary – No ‘Monuments Men’ for Heritage Under Siege in Syria, May 2015
  • DSA dialogues web commentary – Freedom of Expression and Security: the Quest for Balance, Jan 2015.

Book Chapters:

  • Co-authored chapter on proposed India-EU FTA for the edited volume India in the Contemporary World: Polity, Economy and International Relations (Routledge 2014).
  • Meer dan diamant en chocolade? Het beeld van België in India in Het wiel van Ashoka. Belgisch-Indiase contacten in historisch perspectief, Idesbald Goddeeris (ed.), Published by Leuven University Press, October 2013

Book Reviews:

  • Breaking Through by Li Lanquing on Economic Reform in China (Strategic Analysis – January 2011)
  • Russia and Europe: Building Bridges, Digging Trenches (Strategic Analysis – April 2011)
  • The Precariat: A New Dangerous Class (JSIA CIES blog Nickled and Dimed – June 2015)

Thought Leadership

  •  The East-West Encounter: a Pedagogical Experience in CAPA Occasional Publications No. 7 Globalization, Civilization, and Their Discontents (Forthcoming 2018)
  • As Research Associate with Aviotech Defense Advisory and Investments – Spearheaded Creation of Company’s Thought Leadership Series, with 15 Thought Leadership and Market Opportunity papers/reports/briefs published in one year on defense, homeland security and bilateral ties.

Visiting Appointments

  • Visiting Scholar at China National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation, Shanghai, Dec 2018
  •  Guest Faculty Member on Master’s in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations program at the Superior Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE), Spain
  •  Visiting scholar and guest lecturer at Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University, California, 2017
  • Visiting Scholar at William Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii, 2015
  • Visiting Scholar at University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, December 2014
  • Visiting Fellow at Koc University, Istanbul, Dec 2013-Jan 2014
  • Visiting Fellow at Katholieke University of Leuven, 2011

International / National Consultancies and Assignments

  • Founded The Whiteboard Initiative in 2011 to provide support for stronger Higher Education ties between India and Europe – endorsed by the European Commission.
  •  Parliamentary Research and Advocacy Project on Fighting Age Discrimination at the House of Lords, UK.
  •  Project entitled South Intellectual Platform with South Centre, Geneva in 2008.
  •  Field Investigator and Contributor to Centre for Civil Society’s Delhi Citizen Handbook, a critical enquiry into functioning of Delhi Government in 2005.