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Inside JGU 2021 - Issue 5 (May)

JGLS Professor receives Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Challenge Grant 2021

Dr. Kalyani Unkule  Associate Professor, JGLS, and Director and Head of the Office of Alumni Relations, JGU, has received the Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Challenge Grant 2021.

Aimed at academic and professional staff, the grant supports collaborative work focused on either of the two main strategic priorities of the Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Network:
(i) Historical memory and trauma or
(ii) institutional reform/indigenous knowledge.

Professor Unkule’s project aims to transform the study abroad officer into an agent of peace and reconciliation, building on her monograph, ‘Internationalising the University: A Spiritual Approach’ published in 2019. Through consultations and training workshops, the project will empower study abroad officers to wield their influence over student decision-making in a way that is supportive of the self-discovery and immersive, integrative and unifying aspects of the study abroad experience rather than define the end goal in terms of a shallow and hegemonic conception of intercultural competence. Other anticipated outcomes of this project include a shift in the discourse surrounding aims of study abroad and development of new parameters for assessing the success of internationalisation efforts of universities.

Professor Unkule’s other recent achievements and academic work include:

  1. The North-America-based Critical Internationalization Studies Network has announced a discussion forum/symposium on Dr Kalyani Unkule’s book, ‘Internationalising the University: A Spiritual Approach’. The July edition of the newsletter will be dedicated to this exchange. All the details, including Professor Unkule’s introduction to the forum and the call for submission of responses to the book are here:

  1. NAFSA’s Global Studies Literature Review (GSLR) has also solicited reviews of the book for Issue No. 12 of the GSLR on the theme, ‘Moving Beyond the Status Quo: Advancing Inclusive Excellence in International Education’. NAFSA is considered the Mecca of higher education internationalisation.

That call is available here:

  1. FreshEd a podcast that features cutting edge educational research, had dedicated an episode to Dr. Unkule’s book. The episode was part of a special selection of 3 episodes in the entire series recommended under the theme, ‘Time to Revive the Spirit of Higher Education’ by Volker Rundshagen, Professor for Management and Tourism Studies, University of Applied Sciences Stralsund, and Rajani Naidoo UNESCO Chair, Professor and Director, International Centre of Higher Education Management, University of Bath.