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Dr. Sahana V. Rajan

Dr. Sahana V. Rajan

Assistant Professor 

B.A.; M.A.; M.Phil (University of Delhi);

Ph.D. candidate (University of Delhi)


Dr. Sahana V Rajan is a Lecturer of Philosophy at Jindal Global Business School, in O P Jindal Global University. She holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from St. Stephen’s College (University of Delhi) and an MPhil. degree in Philosophy from Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi. Her area of research is methodological issues in scientific metaphysics. More specifically, she looks at the relation between sciences and metaphysics as well as at how we can scientifically understand mind and consciousness. She is also currently exploring ways in which philosophical methodologies can benefit and be enhanced by business management approaches.

Apart from focus on research, she is also involved in many national and international academic initiatives that highlight the importance of community work in the academic world. She is the moderator of Indian Philosophy Network, a collective of philosophy researchers across India. She has also co-founded and is currently a member of Collective for Women Philosophers in India. Further, her recent project with Alan Isaac, In Limbo Conversations, a series of conversations with philosophers about the pandemic also shows ways in which philosophy can be related fruitfully to contemporary issues. She is also developing and maintaining an extensive bibliography of philosophical publications on the pandemic, with Jef Delvaux (York University).

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  • Why So Serious?, in Barefoot Philosophers (A Digital Philosophy Magazine):
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