Prof. (Dr.) Sunitha Ratnakaram

Assistant Professor

M.B.A. (Kakatiya University);

FPM (IIM Lucknow)

Prof. (Dr.)  Sunitha is a triple post graduate and her doctoral studies from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow in the area of Marketing. Her research interests include social media and qualitative research. Apart from this, she is highly interested in understanding nuances in social media promotions, writing her blog, reading contemporary and classical literature. Coming to her thesis work; she measures the impact type of platform and type of review may have on consumer perceptions of online reviews.


Before coming back to pursue her doctoral work, she has ten years of teaching experience at post graduate level. In her stint as a teacher, she held various positions from Program coordinator to Examination coordinator. She is a believer in interactive methodology of teaching and feels her students do bring creative inputs to the table.


Sunitha participated in various national and international conferences to present and publish her papers. She published six papers in various journals and edited books and is currently working on three papers.