Prof. (Dr.) Tejpavan Gandhok

Professor of Practice & Vice Dean

B.E. (University of Melbourne);
MBA (UCLA, Los Angeles);
Ph.D. (Singapore Management University)

Prof. (Dr.) Pavan is appointed as Professor of Practice in Jindal Global Business School. His applied research interests are in learning innovations leveraging immersive engagement and bio-feedback based objective measures for better strategic thinking ; and in better appreciating the role of sub-conscious cognitive processes for Adaptive Strategic decisions under high flux and uncertainty.

Pavan is a serial entrepreneur with a strong track-record of investor returns and successful exits including start-ups, high growth and turn-arounds. He also has 20+ years of international Senior Partner level corporate advisory experience in Country & Regional Head roles across Australia, USA, South East Asia and India with Strategy consulting & Private Equity firms such as Halcyon Partners, AT Kearney, Stern Stewart & co. and the Boston Consulting Group. In earlier career roles, he worked in corporate strategy; technology management and incubation, and as an engineer and research scientist. Pavan is an Indian born, US educated, Australian citizen, former permanent resident of Singapore and an Overseas Citizen of India.

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