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Dr. Chitrakalpa Sen

Associate Professor & Associate Dean

M.Sc. (Economics) (University of Calcutta);

Ph.D. (West Bengal University of Technology)

Dr. Chitrakalpa Sen is an Associate Professor & Assistant Dean of Economics at Jindal Global Business School. An economist by training, Sen holds a M.Sc. in Economics with first class from the University of Calcutta and a PhD from West Bengal University of Technology. Sen teaches courses in Economics at JGBS. His area of research includes, but not limited to – high frequency financial market dynamics, green stocks and growth economics. Apart from his regular teaching and research activities within the school, Sen is also the Assistant Dean (BBA 2019). He is a member of the school’s Centre for Asia Pacific Business Research, Economics and Innovation and an adviser to the Semester Abroad Program (SAP) team.

Journals Articles (Selected)

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Book Chapters

  • Chakrabarti G., & Sen, C. (2017). India’s Race to the Top: An Analysis of Stability of Indian Infra Stocks, in Handbook of Research on Economic, Financial, and Industrial Impacts on Infrastructure Development, IGI Global USA.
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Chitrakalpa Sen’s primary area of research is the study of high frequency financial market dynamics. Sen’s other research interests include but not limited to Econometrics of green (environment friendly) stocks and growth economics. His PhD thesis was on Indian foreign exchange market which dealt with the volatility dynamics in the market and the underlying deterministic chaos.

At JGBS, Sen teaches courses in the area of Economics. Some of the courses he regularly teaches at the school are Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (for both undergraduate and postgraduate students) and Economics of Financial Crisis (an elective for post graduate students). Some of the other Economics courses that Sen has taught are – International economics, Quantitative methods, Introductory and Intermediate Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Applied Microeconomics.