Dr. Aghila Sasidharan

Assistant Professor

B.Com., M.Com. (Kerala University);

Ph.D. (IIT- Madras)

Dr. Aghila Sasidharan an Assistant Professor. Her primary interests lie in the area of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. She published her research papers in many journals like Corporate ownership and Control, International Journal of Corporate Governance, European Business Review, International Journal of Business and Management Science and International Journal of Management. She published many articles in Financial Express, Chartered Secretary and BSE Forum where she can convey the latest issues in finance to the public at large. 

She has several other papers are at different stages of her research pipeline. She attended three international conferences and many national conferences. She did her graduation and post-graduation in Finance and she has three years of industry experience and one-year research experience in IIM Trichy with Prof. P.Saravanan and National Institute of Securities Market, Mumbai (An educational initiative of SEBI) with V.R Narasimhan (Chief Regulator Officer at NSE and first person who drafted LODR report). Her project on Effectiveness on Audit Committee comments on Mergers and Review of Trading Companies below Par has been accepted by SEBI. She is a receiptant of many scholarships such as Suvarna Jubliee Scholarship for merit student and Indira Gandhi Scholarship for merit student.

  1. Thenmozhi , P Saravanan and Aghila Sasidharan (2020) Impact of Excess Cash on Earnings Management, Stock Returns and Firm value: Evidence from China, Corporate Ownership and Control, 17(1)1-24 (ABDC-B).

  2. M. Thenmozhi and Aghila Sasidharan (2020) Does Board Independence matters for State Owned Enterprise in India and China, European Business Review, Accepted, Forthcoming, (ABDC-B).

  3. Aghila Sasidharan and Thenmozhi M (2020) Does Tunneling or Propping drives firm value: Evidence from BRICS. International Journal of Corporate Governance, Forthcoming, (ABDC-B).

  4. Aghila Sasidharan and Thenmozhi M (2020) Does Concentrated Ownership Matters for Corporate Social Responsibility : Evidence from BRICS. Emerging Market Review, Revision (ABDC-A)

  5. Aghila Sasidharan (2016) SHG – A Viable Tool for Financial Inclusion with Reference to Panchayath in Kerala. International Journal of Business and Management Science 4(2), 2321-8916. (ABDC-C).

  6. Aghila Sasidharan (2015)Gold as an Investment Option –A Study on Investment Pattern of Investors in Kerala, International Journal of Management , 3(1), 681-684. (ABDC-C
  • My primary research interest revolves around the areas of corporate governance, related party transactions, corporate social responsibility, women director and audit committee and, my secondary interests span across the areas of financial markets, sustainability and banking in emerging markets.
  • I would be interested in offering core courses such as Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance and electives such as Financial Analysis and Applications, Computational Finance and Econometrics for the undergraduate and masters level curriculum. In addition, doctoral level courses such as Research Methods and Empirical Research in Finance could also be offered. Apart from these I am also open to exploring emerging areas, such as financial technology applications in financial reporting and governance.