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Dr. Sunitha Ratnakaram

Dr. Sunitha Ratnakaram

Associate Professor & Associate Dean

B.Com.;M.B.A. (Kakatiya University);

M.Phil. (Alagappa University);

MFM (Annamalai University);

M.Sc. (Tamil Nadu Open University);

FPM (IIM Lucknow)


Dr. Sunitha Ratnakaram is Associate Professor & Associate Dean at JGBS.  Sunitha Ratnakaram is a triple post graduate and earned her doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, in the area of Marketing.

Her research interests include social media and qualitative research. Apart from this, she is highly interested in understanding nuances in social media promotions, writing her blog, reading contemporary and classical literature. Coming to her thesis work; she measured the impact type of platform and type of review may have on consumer perceptions of online reviews.

Before coming back to pursue her doctoral work, she has ten years of teaching experience at post graduate level. In her stint as a teacher, she held various positions from Program coordinator to Examination coordinator. She is a believer in interactive methodology of teaching and feels her students do bring creative inputs to the table.

Received more than one lakh views on my Author Stream ( presentations. Completed one cycle each; as a Program Coordinator, Examination Coordinator, Summer Training Program Coordinator and Academic Coordinator in autonomous B-Schools. Got qualified for UGC-NET with Junior Research Fellowship. Awarded as the Best paper presenter with a Cash prize, in the International Conference conducted by Annamalai University. Presented research papers at 18 International, 9 National Conferences/Seminars and one Doctoral Consortium.

Sunitha participated in various national and international conferences to present and publish her papers. She published her research papers in various journals, seven Scopus indexed papers, edited books and is currently working on four papers.


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  • Consumer Protection act- a variety of instances – consumer awareness, Social and human resource developmental issues in contemporary business, Annamalai University in 2009.
  • Social media platforms,
  • Consumer behaviour on social media platforms,
  • Information Technology applications in Marketing and Finance,
  • Consumer psychology,
  • Consumer consumption of UGC,
  • Qualitative approaches to Consumer Research
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  • Marketing Management,
  • Services Marketing,
  • Integrated Marketing Communications,
  • Retail Management,
  • Consumer Behaviour,
  • Advances in Consumer Behaviour
  • Sunitha Ratnakaram & Moutusy Maity. Impact of Type of Platform and Type of Review on Consumer Perception of Online Reviews.
  • Sunitha Ratnakaram. Sari – a Companion of Indian Woman through the Rites of Passage in Her Wedding Ceremony.
  • Surendra Dixit, Moutusy Maity & Sunitha Ratnakaram. Consumer decision-making in buying fruits and vegetables across online and offline channels.
  • Shubhomoy Banerjee & Sunitha Ratnakaram. Brand transgressions: Measuring the Influence of Relationship Marketing Strategies in Customer Forgiveness Behavior.