In the context of JGU’s vision and mission,  IQAC  aspires to be recognized as a leader in terms of innovation and creativity in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, contributing to higher standards of quality assurance in universities in India, and achieving international standing, through the implementation of a comprehensive and robust quality assurance system.


To achieve the Vision above, the Mission of IQAC shall be as follows:

  • To implement international best practices in all areas of work of the University.
  • To develop and implement systems for ensuring a rich learning experience for students, and an intellectually vibrant environment that supports and enhances the academic and administrative performance of the University.
  • To promote measures for accountability through self-reflection, peer review, continuous quality enhancement and internalization of a quality culture.

JGU Core Values

The following core values of the University will be strictly observed:

  • Focus on outcomes and impact.
  • Highest ethical standards in personal and professional behavior.
  • The promotion of pluralism and celebration of diversity
  • Collegiality and team work.
  • Concern for the environment.
  • Transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

Graduate Attributes

The principal outcome of the University’s efforts and the core of its activity are the attributes of its graduates who are expected to reach their full potential whether as global citizens or as leaders in an internationally competitive environment. The University’s Academic Council has therefore adopted a clear statement of Graduate Attributes aimed at: providing an anchor to the students by clarifying the essence of their programme of study and also providing lasting impact of their JGU experience and informing potential employers and other stakeholders of the qualities to be expected of a JGU graduate.

JGU graduates are expected to have the following attributes:

  •  A deep knowledge of subject areas in the programme of study they have successfully completed at JGU.
  • The capacity to engage in self-reflection and lifelong learning.
  • Transferable skills including team building and leadership skills, communication, creative and critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills suitable for a variety of fields of employment.
  • The capacity to take up their social and civic responsibilities relating to the environment and the society.
  • A deep understanding of, and respect for, diversity, pluralistic societies and other cultures.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.