TLFQ is now counducted by the Examinations office. JGU introduced a university-wide, an online Teaching and Learning Feedback Questionnaire (TLFQ) in year 2010. All students are expected to complete the Questionnaire every semester for every course they take including courses taught by visiting faculty. Students face the consequence of not being allowed to take the end of semester examination if they have not completed the online survey. The response rate is therefore 100%. The data collected is both quantitative and qualitative.

Follow up action is taken via a meeting between the Dean and the faculty member and in cases where problems are observed, a meeting is also arranged with the Vice Chancellor.

The University has also instituted Teaching Excellence Awards based partly on the results of the TLFQ survey. The awards take into consideration feedback from other sources as well.

In addition to the TLFQ survey, individual Schools have also adopted other measures to collect student feedback and for continuous improvement purposes such as open house meetings with students, and mid semester survey on which action is taken immediately by the faculty member concerned.

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