To ensure the quality of teaching and learning, Annual faculty appraisal which relates to Ernest Boyer’s dictum of scholarship of teaching— one of four elements of his model of scholarship, the others being scholarship of discovery, integration, and application. JGU introduced these concepts in the faculty appraisal system, in the Key Academic Results Area (KARA). At JGU, the scholarship of teaching and learning is interpreted to mean the full implementation of outcomes-based teaching and learning; collecting evidence of student learning other than through tests and examination results and taking follow up action; redesigning a course to ensure its interdisciplinary; strategies to develop research skills of students; strategies to implement action learning in class; and, other goals to demonstrate reflective teaching. The scholarship of discovery and integration in the University is associated with targets relating to research work and publications individually or collaboratively. KARA also includes campus and community citizenship comprising participation in professional bodies; strategies for the promotion of the University; attracting research funds; facilitating training/solutions related to local issues.