Standing Committee on Canine Issues

The JGU Standing Committee on Canine Issues is constituted as follows:

  1. Aman Shah                                    –        Chairperson
  2. Aashita Dawer                                –        Convener
  3. Prof Parkash Chander
  4. Andrew Rooney
  5. Severyna Magill
  6. Pritam Baruah
  7. Manasi Kumar
  8. Surinder Kaur
  9. Rajesh Vats
  10. Alina Merin Mathew, AWS
  11. Sagar Shrestha, AWS
  12. Parvaz Lamba, Student body member
  13. Vinay Krishna Kodali, President, JGLS Student Council
  14. Vigil Venugopal, President, JGBS Student Council
  15. Akshay Sharan, President, JSLH Student Council
  16. Atharva Chaitanya Deshmukh, President, JSIA Student Council
  17. Divya Chaudhary, officiating President, JSGP Student Council
  18. Ms. Surinder Kaur shall extend administrative support to the above Committee in its work.

Terms of reference:

  1. To address concerns raised by faculty, staff, students and parents about canines.
  2. To address concerns raised by members of JGU Animal Welfare Society.
  3. Undertake sensitization programmes to prevent cruelty to animals.

Frequency of Meetings:

The Committee shall meet at least once in a semester or as often as may be needed.