The  Conflict Resolution Committee is hereby constituted with the following composition:

Chairman– Prof (Dr) Y.S. R. Murthy- Registrar


  1. Mr Jitu Mishra- Senior Director HR & COO
  2. Additional Registrar – ex-officio
  3. Mr Arun Jain- Senior Director Finance
  4. Lt Col Somesh Gupta- Director, Procurement    (Convenor)
  5. Ms. Kavaljit Kour – Joint Registrar
  6. Ms Surinder Kaur- Director Student Housing
  7. Mr Sanjeev Rana- Deputy Chief Warden
  8. Mr Ankur Bahel- Head, Accounts
  9. Grp. Capt. Sudhir- Head, Security
  10. Mr K. Harischandra Rao – Deputy Director, Planning and Coordination, Office of the Vice Chancellor

The Chief Proctor, Prof. Sridhar Patnaik will be co-opted as and when issues relating to students are involved.


The committee will handle and resolve

  1. Crisis Management.
  2. Issues related to any conflict with the neighbouring villagers including land related issues.

As and when required, the committee will meet the stakeholders including the local administration and further advise the Management in taking appropriate steps.