Anti-Discrimination Committee

In order to prevent caste-based discrimination and other forms of discrimination. JGU has re-constituted the Anti-Discrimination Committee. The members of this committee will oversee steps to prevent any kind of discrimination on campus on the basis gender, race, caste, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, or disability.

The JGU Anti-Discrimination Committee is constituted as follows:

  • Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, Chief Proctor, O.P. Jindal Global University, Chairperson
  • Ajay Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor, JGLS
  • Malvika Seth, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, JGLS
  • Kulpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, JGBS
  • Deepanshu Mohan, Assistant Professor, JSIA
  • Saagar Tewari, Assistant Professor, JSLH
  • Shalini Goel, Assistant Professor, JSBF
  • Girish Agrawal, Professor, JSAA
  • Kajori Sen, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, JSJC
  • Tamara Hovorun, Associate Professor & Joint Director, JIBS
  • Manjushree Palit, Assistant Professor & Deputy Director, JIBS

 Terms of Reference

  1. Institute a facility online for lodging complaints of discrimination by members of JGU community.
  2. Look into the complaints of any act of discrimination against persons belonging to SC/ST students/teachers/non-teaching staff and making decisions; and discrimination against person based on other prohibited grounds mentioned above.
  3. Monitoring action taken and resolution of all the complaints related to discrimination.
  4. Develop a Policy framework to prevent discrimination in JGU Premises and also take educational & awareness measures to combat discrimination & promote integration.
  5. Recommend measures to help improve substantive equality.

Frequency of Meetings 

The Committee shall meet at least once in semester or as often as may be needed.

For any complaints email at
Periodicity of Meetings

The Committee shall meet at least once in semester or as often as may be needed.