Every organisation has a finance department with financial analysts and management, and a bank account. Job opportunities working in finance are therefore more or less universal – whether you work in industry, in government, in academia, in a hospital or a law firm, for a newspaper or television station, in a family business, or for a charitable foundation or a bank.

There is a growing and dynamic employment sector conducting new global service delivery methods and knowledge process outsourcing. With the increased sophistication of corporations and demand for competitive, complex, fast and reliable financial services and solutions on a national and global scale and scope, there is a need for highly trained, technologically innovative and analytical finance, accounting, and banking recruits.

Graduates of the B.Com (Hons.) degree programme specialised in Banking & Finance, have almost limitless employment opportunities. The field is rapidly changing in terms of product and service innovation, technological, economic and social impact, and the need for domestic supervision and international regulation: To understand finance is to have influence. According to UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres “Finance will be the deciding factor in winning the war on climate change”. Finance therefore, is key to the progress of mankind For further information [click here]