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A. Jindal Institute of Leadership Development and Executive Education (JILDEE)

Training Programme with Oxford University –

In collaboration with JGU, Govt. of Odisha Officers trained at Margaret Thatcher Centre, Somerville College, University of Oxford, UK as part of their Public Policy & Governance Programme


B. Jindal Institute of Leadership Development and Executive Education (JILDEE)

Training Programme with University of Cambridge:

Eighty senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officers in the ranks of Deputy Inspector-General and

Inspector-General on Saturday completed their eight-week course in strategic management

at the Cambridge University, United Kingdom. The programme was organised in

collaboration with the O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU).

C. Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) – JGU: Erasmus+ Grant QMUL & JGU 

won a two year grant enabling student & staff mobility across Law, Liberal Arts &

International Affairs under the Erasmus+ Programme.

A. Queen’s University Belfast visiting Faculty Dr. Federico Lupo- Pasini, Lecturer, International Business and Finance Law, QUB with JGBS Ÿ JGBS conference on “Demonetization and Emerging Challenges” in association with Queen’s University of Belfast, U.K. April
B. IAGI Director visited University of Glasgow inDecember 2017 to initiate a University-wide strategic partnership with the Schoolof Social Science Universityof Glasgow.

A. Jindal – Oxford Summer School 2017: The Jindal-Oxford Summer School in International Law and Global Governance (“JOSS”) was organised for the fifth consecutive year at Somerville College, University of Oxford from 26 June, 2017 to 16th July, 2017.

Tantuvardhn Sabharinathan, JGLS Exchange Student to Southampton
“The professors as expected where according to world standards and were
authorities in their respective subjects. We had Professors who had recently been
part of important legislative groups like Prof. James Davey, who was in the
advisory panel for the UK insurance law statute promulgated in 2015. I was also
taught by leading practitioners in maritime law like Prof, Yvonne Batzz, Prof. Paul
Todd and Prof. Lorenzo. The teaching method of allowing the student to explore
the subject on his own before one could approach the professor is one of many
brownie points.”
Shireen Moti, JGLS (2009-15) to QMUL for Advance Entry Programme

“The interaction with faculty members at Jindal and the collaborations with
premier institutions abroad, such as QMUL played a key role in my decision to
pursue higher studies from UK. In 2016, I became one of the youngest awardees
of the FCO British Chevening Scholarship to pursue the Masters of Law (LLM)
programme at the Queen Mary University of London. Studying abroad has been
a truly enriching experience. It has broadened my horizon and enhanced my
experiences. I would recommend students to make use of JGLS’s collaborations
with institutes abroad for their personal and professional development.”