JGU Student Experiences Abroad

Tantuvardhn Sabharinathan, JGLS Exchange Student to Southampton “The professors as expected where according to world standards and were authorities in their respective subjects. We had Professors who had recently been part of important legislative groups like Prof. James Davey, who was in the advisory panel for the UK insurance law statute promulgated in 2015. I was also taught by leading practitioners in maritime law like Prof, Yvonne Batzz, Prof. Paul Todd, and Prof. Lorenzo. The teaching method of allowing the student to explore the subject on his own before one could approach the professor is one of many brownie points.”

Abhinav Bhatia, JGBS, Study Abroad at University of Bordeaux “At the University of Bordeaux, the course taught there were more practical and less theoretical. By which we had much more exposure about the current environment of the market. And we could work upon the problems as a live case study by which we learnt in and outs of the market place.”

Pragadish Kirubakaran, “JSIA’s exchange program to National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had. It helped me completely immerse in the local culture because all I did was eat, climb mountains, learned Chinese and made amazing memories for an entire semester”