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Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

JGU has been actively promoting a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity in all its schools and programmes since the very beginning as the university understands the relevance of multidisciplinary education and interdisciplinary curriculum in a global world. From establishing a dedicated office to implementing the interdisciplinary vision to recruiting world-class faculty members to design and deliver interdisciplinary courses, JGU has ensured that all its students experience an interdisciplinarity ecosystem in their learning environment.

The university’s vision is based on the commitment to impart knowledge that is interconnected and globally relevant. Interdisciplinarity has been the central basis for the establishment of all the Schools and Institutes of JGU, including the designing of courses, offering of programmes, recruitment of faculty, and development of research agendas at JGU.

Interdisciplinarity at JGU is not only a part of its larger vision, but also in line with its commitment to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the UGC (Institution of Eminence Deemed to be Universities) Regulations 2017. The university’s commitment to interdisciplinarity is based on the vision and imagination that great universities ought to be deeply engaged in interdisciplinary education in their academic outlook and research identities.

Cross-Listed Electives

All schools and institutes of JGU function as interdisciplinary hubs within themselves. In 2020-21, a total of 327 cross-listed elective courses were offered across JGU, an increase of 122% from 2018-2019.
In total, JGU offers:

Office of Academic Planning, Co-ordination and Interdisciplinarity (APCI)

The Office of Academic Planning, Co-ordination and Interdisciplinarity (APCI) at JGU plans and coordinates with all the schools and institutes of the university to promote and strengthen interdisciplinary teaching and learning in a unified manner.


At JGU, academic planning is implemented in a manner that involves all stakeholders.


APCI coordinates with Academic Deans to ensure 50% of the seats in a cross-listed course are given to students of other schools of JGU.


In our commitment to providing a smooth and efficient experience to students during the elective bidding process, JGU has prioritized the strengthening of its technology portal. JGU has invested significantly in upgrading its live elective bidding portal that allows the eligible student community of JGU to bid for general elective courses and cross-listed elective courses at the same instance. APCI instituted stage-wise elective course bidding process for students to access interdisciplinarity.


The student-centric process of bidding that is coordinated by the APCI, involves the following stages-


Stage 1: APCI, in co-ordination with the Office of Information & Technology, uses a technologically advanced platform to inform students about the list of available courses along with the Timetable.


Stage 2: Mock Bidding is conducted to apprise students about the elective course bidding portal interface and its modalities, and let students prepare their potential course portfolio.


Stage 3: Multiple rounds of live elective course bidding is conducted before every semester to give students an adequate chance to enrol in their desired courses.


Stage 4: In the first week of the semester, a final round of elective course bidding is steered to enable students to finalise their courses after attending a few classes.