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Inside JGU 2020 - Issue 10 (October)

Indian & US patents awarded to student of Jindal Global Law School

Devansh Manoj Jalan, a student of Jindal Global Law School (BBA-LLB 2016), has received Indian and US patents for a technology he invented entitled ‘Method and System for Managing the Usage of a Plurality of Battery Units to Power an Electric Vehicle’. This technology aims to make the usage of electric vehicles more practical, flexible and economical in India and other developing countries. He has been granted the US Patent on 29 September 2020 and the Indian Patent on 6 October 2020. His Patent Cooperation Treaty application reserves him the right to patent this technology in 153 other countries.

While interning in the Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 2018, Devansh worked on a project to promote and integrate electric vehicles in Mumbai and other parts of the state. Based on his observations and experiences of electric vehicles while travelling in Germany, Israel and the USA, Devansh researched at length to understand the functioning of electric vehicles and their limitations. He worked on developing this technology and in July 2019, filed for a provisional patent with the Indian Patent Office. After fine-tuning the technology, he applied for patents in the Indian Patent Office in December 2019 and in the US Patent and Trademark Office in January 2020.  After due process and hearings, Devansh received the US Patent in September 2020 and the Indian Patent in October 2020.