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SDG 4: Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Established with a commitment to providing public service, O.P. Jindal Global University has made a mark in India’s higher education landscape by making education of international standards available to a growing number of Indian students. By opening its doors to over 8,000 students, JGU has at one level helped ease the burden on government-funded higher education institutions which have found it hard to expand the seats in proportion to the growth in the number of youth population in the country. By increasing the number of seats every year, JGU has made quality higher education accessible to a larger number of youth in the country each year. JGU’s commitment to providing inclusive and equitable quality education is reflected in the large number of scholarships and financial assistance that the university provides to students from socially and economically disadvantaged communities. About 50% of JGU students are on scholarships. Female students constitute 49% of JGU’s total student population, a remarkable feat in inclusive education metrics. The University imparts its students experiential learning that promotes lifelong learning methods and opportunities. To aid student learning, contemporarily relevant, meticulously curated teaching pedagogies like docudramas and docuseries for case analysis have been introduced in different schools and institutes of the University. Moreover, JGU has established a tradition of organising events involving scholars, practitioners, activists, artists, and policymakers from a range of fields, bringing together varied and independent voices on issues of local, regional, national and global concern, providing people from all walks of life lifelong learning opportunities. The University has forged collaborations with more than 325 institutions across over 65 countries globally.