Inside JGU 2020 Issue 12 (December)

IIHEd and CCGE organise STAR Scholars Network 2020 Conference and A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards

The Centre for Comparative and Global Education (CCGE) under the aegis of International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building (IIHEd) of JGU organised the Society of Transnational Academic Researchers (STAR) Scholars Network 2020 Conference titled ‘Shaping a Humane World: Global Higher Education Perspectives’.

The conference was hosted virtually by Nepal Open University, Kathmandu, during 6-8 December, 2020. Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, JGU, and Dr. (Mrs.) Pankaj Mittal, Secretary-General of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), addressed the audience along with Prof. Noam Chomsky, Prof. Henry Giroux and several other distinguished speakers around the world. 

The 2020 STAR Conference culminated with an event hosting Prof. Chomsky on his 92nd birthday and honouring his life as a person who helped shape a humane world through his scholarship and public advocacy for human flourishing and development.

The conference organising team included a number of students and faculty of the CCGE led by the STAR Scholars network, India Country Director, Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee, who also moderated the closing ceremony of the conference along with noted international higher education expert Dr. Rajika Bhandari. During the ceremony, the A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards were given to senior and junior researchers to recognise their academic scholarship, public engagement, and advocacy. Prof. Raphael Panagalangan (JGLS faculty) was one of the recipients.

As reported in the University World News, Dr Uttam Gaulee, current president of STAR, said, “The A Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards 2020 reflect the organisation’s commitment to promoting transnational research or collaborative research between scholars of two or more countries, whether by joint publications or research partnerships.”

Prof. Raj Kumar paid tribute to Prof. Chomsky’s views on democracy and diversity. Quoting Prof. Chomsky, Prof. Raj Kumar emphasised, “In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued – they may be essential to survival.” During the closing ceremony, Prof. Raj Kumar also announced that JGU would host the 2021 STAR Conference and the A. Noam Chomsky Global Connections Awards Ceremony next year.

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