If My Dorm Room Could Speak - By Hedwig

This is the ninth poem in a series of poems that explore what the commonplace objects in a student’s life would say if they underwent an Enid Blyton-esque change overnight, and could speak. 

“Didi’ calls a voice,

A familiar one,

Room ABC has to be cleaned;

I sigh in joy –

Which turns out like an earthquake –

But really, I’m so ready to gleam;

I’ve been stomped on

And scratched at,

My floor deserves a raise;

Suitcase wheels to

Piled up meals –

I do not get enough praise;

And when it’s time

For a Semester’s end

You pull posters off my walls;

It hurts but

You don’t seem to

Care at all;

For when it’s time

And a new Semester

Starts again,

I will have to

Relive this cycle

Of pain.