Hit Replay - By Kana

Political discourse is often ignored in a discussion of the question of sovereignty blah blah blah…

Cue: Amber Run – I found 

In my opinion, listening to good music while writing a 2000 word research paper is probably one of the biggest mistakes a law student can commit. Being transported to another world becomes a real thing when that one song comes on and no matter what you do, you can’t help but drift off into your dream world.

Let’s imagine the weekend and how late you’re going to sleep in. That spot you and you’re friends are going to be hitting up to have some fun. The playlist that’s going to be your jam for the weekend, in the shower, before bed and in the car.Late night calls for pizza and surfing the net in hopes of finding a decent TV series to get hooked onto. Taking a photo of something other than your classmates’ notes. Think beachside with a book or road trip to Manali. Fast-forward till you graduate and get that pass into the working world.

Graduate? Wait a minute I need to pass first. I was doing something in order to make sure that dream world is a possibility. Right a research paper – 2000 words – due day after tomorrow, shit. Graduate? First let’s pass, so hit pause on the music.

Cue: Coldplay – Talk

Or let’s hit replay, just for some more time.