Fashion, Style and In-Between - By Hedwig

At the outset, it’s important to mention that I’m heavily unqualified to write any article that has remotely anything to do with fashion.

My wardrobe consists of neatly folded clothes that have been separated into three stacks – clothes that I wear all the time (which consist of T-shirts I have stolen from my father and brother over time), clothes that I never wear but that fit me and that I could wear, and clothes that don’t fit me but that I just can’t get myself to throw away. A fourth pile of clothes are stacked nearby,that’s the won’t-fit-and-can-be-thrown-away pile which is made up of clothes I bought when I was 10 years old. I’m a hoarder, and that’s as much organization as I’m willing to do because I really don’t want to have to dig through my closet to find that one dark blue t-shirt I always wear.

The word most people use to describe my ‘fashion sense’ is lazy. I prefer the term ‘extreme casual’, like extreme sports or extreme rock climbing. When I graduated from school I was quite ready to hang up my ill-fitting green-and-white school uniform for good, and finally sit at the adult table with my new adult clothes.

By that I mean pyjamas.

The definition of formal is anything that is official and important. I’m sure you can see why sleeping qualifies as a formal event. Move over, suits. This is the real formal clothing.

Imposing dress codes has become a trademark feature of the culture present in some colleges. Even if there is no code per se students are often judged by what they wear even by Professors, as seen in NLSIU, Bangalore ( . However, the proactive student community decried the event and showed solidarity.

Dress codes may seem like a secondary concern when it comes to picking an institution for higher education (academic resources outweigh pretty much any other criteria, according to some). However, I cannot stress enough on the importance of being able to roll out of bed and go straight to class when it’s at an unearthly hour, like 9 AM. I do have the freedom to do that and I could not be more thankful. At the same time, I have the freedom to dress up on some days, depending on what I feel like.

The best part is that no matter what you do, you’ll have someone to give you company.

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers and style is what you choose, said Lauren Hutton.

But I play it safe and let my Mum pick out whatever is on sale.

Thanks, Mum.