Inside JGU 2019 - Issue 9 (September)

Farewell: Mr. Aman Shah, Director, Office of Alumni Relations



Mr. Aman Shah was appointed as Director of the Office of Alumni Relations in 2018. In this capacity, Mr. Shah developed and implemented the university alumni relations strategy with the goal of fostering excellent alumni relations by building and strengthening relationships between the University and its community of graduates, students and other stakeholders. Mr. Shah brings to JGU over 35 years of experience in higher education in leading international universities, including the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong. He was the Founding Registrar of JGU in 2009 and played a significant role in the initial institution building initiatives in the University. Mr. Shah returned to JGU in August 2014 and was instrumental in establishing the University’s Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office and International Office, and streamlining these functions. He played a key role in setting up the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), steering it, culminating in the evolution of the Vision, Mission, and Graduate Attributes, and in the implementation of many other quality assurance measures based on international best practices. He led the university’s preparation and application for NAAC accreditation leading to JGU being awarded the highest grade “A” by NAAC.



Several members of the JGU alumni community send in testimonials to mark Mr. Shah’s departure, some of which are below:

Dear Prof. Shah,

It is always a delight to hear from you and it makes me feel sad that it may no longer be the case since are moving on.

Your contribution in cementing relations between the University and its alumni in a short span of time is quite remarkable. Thank you very much for providing your personal email. Hope to catch up with you in future soon.

Wish you the best of health and happiness!

With kind regards,

Prashant Sharma (11 JSIA)

Dear Prof Shah,

Thanks for all that you have done for the alumni and for students in your previous roles as the Director of International Collaborations and Founding Reigstrar at JGU. We’ll miss you on campus.

With best wishes for your great health, joy and self-actualisation.

Rajnish (15 JSGP)

Dear Sir,

It was a pleasure to know you and interact with you.I will always remember your effort and contribution to our university.

Thank you for all your help and support.

I will miss you. Thank you for making a difference in my life via your pleasant nature and humility.

Stay blessed. Stay in touch.


Prateek (14 JSGP)

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

Firstly, I am sorry that I could not make it for the alumni meet. I was engaged with an important criminal case which did not permit me to travel.

I am saddened to hear that you are not going to be around with the Alumni Association but I am also happy that you are returning to your family.  It has been a pleasure working with you Sir and I feel this alumni association definitely owes it to you for having kicked off. Thank you again.

Please do let me know if you ever need anything that I could be of help or if you come down to India and specifically Bangalore, we could meet.


Vivek (12 JGLS)

Dear Prof.

Thank you for organising such a wonderful alumni event! It was indeed great to meet all the faculty and fellow students again and re- live law school. The office of Alumni relations has flourished under your able guidance. I remember that you were one of the first people from the college faculty I interacted with before joining the law school in 2009 and it was these interactions at a small basement in Delhi that helped me make my decision to join JGLS.   I wish you a great time ahead. I hope to meet you again sometime soon. May you be in the best of health and joy!

Warm Regards,

Dev Chaudhary (14 JGLS)

Dear Aman sir,

It was an honour and an absolute privilege to work with you at the Office of Alumni Relations at JGU. The dignity and grace with which you conduct yourself are qualities that are worth emulating. The skills that I have learnt while working with you over the past several months are valuable to me. Your contribution to Institution building is truly remarkable. I wish you the best and will keep in touch with you.

Warm regards,

Shireen Moti (14 JGLS)