JGU endeavours to make all its courses accessible to students.  All students with a known disability needing academic accommodations are required to register with the Disability Support Committee. 

The Committee provides a range of accommodations to the conditions identified by the The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and the Mental Health Care Act 2017 and beyond. We provide support to students with a wide-range of health and learning related conditions. These conditions include physical and movement-related difficulties; visual impairment; hearing impairment; medical conditions; specific learning difficulties, e.g. dyslexia; dyscalculia, mental health conditions such as clinical depression, anxiety and panic attacks.The Disability Support Committee maintains strict confidentiality in its discussions.  We respect the privacy of the students. 

The registrations for the DSC are open throughout the year. However, the students with long-standing conditions should preferably register with the Committee at the beginning of the academic year. The DSC will take at least 14 business days to make arrangements with the respective departments.  DSC will approve and coordinate all the disability-related services such as the appointment of academic mentors, specialised interventions and related course requirements such as accessible classrooms for lectures, tutorials and examinations.

The examination related provisions such as extended time, alternate question paper or reduced course workload are provided to students with recognised physical, mental health and learning disabilities.

Students who require unique class arrangements such as priority seating, permissions to eat and drink for medical reasons, permission for breaks or stand-up due to prolonged activities, use of hats and sunglasses due to light sensitivity and modifications in classroom lights or seating arrangements should inform the DSC before the onset of the semester. 

DSC does not provide emergency services.  It has an active referral mechanism with Jindal Global University Health Centre for support or the Center for wellness and counseling Services.

In addition, we actively work with the Hostels, Sports, Students Life and Cultural Engagement, Security and Fire Safety Drills.

  1. Students should print the form and fill it in and submit to Ms. Pooja Chandok, JGU, Room No 187, First Floor, T3, O.P. Jindal Global University along with the medical documents.
  2. Appointment will be scheduled with Dr Indu Kapoor and after the completion of the medical verification an appointment will be scheduled with the DSC Chair: Dr Keerty Nakray.
  3. After the completion of the verification process, we will make appropriate academic accommodations such as extended deadlines, reduced course-load and accessible classrooms. We work on case-by-case basis and we try our best to provide the best learning environment for the student.
  4. Students are expected to submit monthly progress reports, maintain regular attendance and grades as stipulated by the university guidelines.

The JGU Health Centre verifies all the medical certificates of the students.  The students are not required to show their medical documents to individual faculty members or administrative staff.

The Disability Support Committee is run by the support of volunteers.  We have a high demand for volunteers in the following roles such as scribes, readers and learning assistants. 

All volunteers are requested to give consent for their records checked by the Disciplinary Committee and Sexual Harassment Committee.  They are expected the sign the confidentiality clause to protect the identity of the persons with disabilities on the campus. Please fill out the form (Here)