Inside JGU 2019 - Issue 10 (October)

The Centre for Wellness and Counselling Services (CWCS) organised ‘Mental Health Week’ from 10th–17th October 2019 with a series of events. World Mental Health Day is marked on 10th of October every year. The aim of the initiative was to destigmatize mental illnesses, spread awareness about mental health, and promote help-seeking behaviours and positive well-being around.

The list of events organized during the mental health week is as follows:

Date of the Event

Name of the Event/Activity

10th October (Thursday)

Green Ribbon Campaign and SLCE Event

11th October (Friday)

Artwork Competition

12th October (Saturday)

Dance and Movement Therapy session

14th October (Monday)

My Filmstrip: Photography of Well-being

15th October (Tuesday)

Movie Screening- Silver Linings Playbook  

16th October (Wednesday)

Gratitude Wall

17th October (Thursday)

Exhibition (Posters, cartoons, doodles, photographs, clay work)

The Centre distributed green ribbons symbolizing awareness amongst members of the JGU community. Students were requested to wear them and pledge for better mental health, and to spread the message further.

An artwork competition was organized for the members of the JGU community to bring out their creative expression and contribute to the Centre’s efforts to reduce the stigma around mental health, promote help-seeking behaviors for the well-being of the community.

A Dance Movement Therapy session was organized to promote the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the students, to improve health and well-being.

The movie ‘Silver linings Playbook’ was screened to desensitise the community to the stigma related to seeking therapy.

A Gratitude wall was set up for members of the JGU community to share their feelings of gratitude in the hope that the experience would build and strengthen social bonds and friendships.

The Mental Health Week culminated with the display of the artwork at the Mental Health Week Exhibition organized by the CWCS.