The Law Council of Australia (LCA) has recognised the law degree of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) for the purpose of admission to legal practice in Australia, making it simpler for graduates of JGLS to work in Australia after the completion of some additional units.

JGLS is the first Indian law school to be recognised by the Law Admissions Consultative Committee (LACC), recognising JGLS degrees under the uniform principles for assessing qualifications of overseas applicants to enter the Australian legal profession. Rather than having to completed 11 additional subjects and practical legal training (PLT), JGLS graduates are only required to complete 4 additional subjects as well as PLT before they are able to be formally recognised to practice in Australia.

More information on the process as well as some FAQs are available here.

Interested JGLS students may apply directly to the relevant State Law Society for more information and an assessment of their transcript.